by kvantomme / 19 April, 2013

The IndieGoGo campaign closes at midnight today. There is only a few hours left to show your support for your favorite distribution. The distribution with the most votes from people that also made a donation on our IndieGoGo campaign will win the documentation prize: an extensive set of Walkthrough tutorials that documents the use of the distribution. But every vote counts: any distribution with at least 2 votes will be included when our free iPad app, “this is Drupal”, launches. At the moment it looks like Commerce Kickstart is winning the documentation prize with 4 votes from backers. But Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate), Drupal Commons and Local Baha'i Community Website Incubator are following on a narrow 2nd place with 3 votes from their backers. The following... Read more

by kvantomme / 18 April, 2013

We are going to launch a free 'this is Drupal' iPad app with a set of introductory Walkthroughs for the most popular Drupal distributions to thank our sponsors for supporting our project. Want to make sure your favorite distribution ends up on the app? Cast your vote at our website. So far the fundraising campaign for has been a great success. We've already raised 20% more than our original target from a total of 38 backers. With less than 40 hours to go, this is your last chance to become a backer of the project. For as little as 1$ you could go into history as one of the people that helped revolutionize the way we do documentation in Drupal and help decide what distribution will win the big prize and get documented as part of the initial project. Approximately a month... Read more

by diana / 19 March, 2013

Graphmind is a mindmap editor for Drupal with basic mindmap features and some Drupal specific enhancements. In this part of our guest blog post series, Jean-Daniel Cusin, Chief Solutions Architect at e-Deliberation describes why they chose Graphmind and how they are using it for online collaboration.

At e-Deliberation, we host groups of between 15 and 80 persons to support their online collaboration in resolving challenges that they have assembled to tackle. These groups come from business and government organizations. Some of the groups are community-based. Their focus is usually on strategic planning and resolving “wicked” problems”.

We do this because we believe problems and challenges are best addressed when the people affected by them have had a chance to weigh in... Read more

by kvantomme / 15 March, 2013

We want to open source the backend for and turn it into an open source Drupal distribution that makes it really simple to start your own WalkHub where people can create and collaborate on interactive tutorials for software that runs in a browser. Yesterday I blogged about the YAML export we want to create for Tour module, together with the open source backend we believe this project could become a key addition to your Drupal project toolset, especially for Drupal 8. At Drupalcamp London I was happily surprised how everyone I talked with was unanimously excited about the project. What was even more inspiring was that every second person I talked with, had some new interesting idea of how they want to use the project (e.g. testing documentation to see if it's still up to... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 14 March, 2013

Thank you for showing up on the DUG distribution code sprint that we arranged for Drupal Sprint Weekend! We had lots of fun, but we also had serious progress in both the theme and feature development. On 9th March members of the local Drupal community gathered in the Pronovix office in Szeged (Hungary) to help with the development of the DUG distribution while enjoying some pizza and wine spritzer. Most of the main menu items are structurally done, we have fixed the issues that surfaced during development, and the basics for the theme layer are also finished. We worked on the description of the distro, too. On the next code sprint, we are going to focus on developing the theme, and after one or two sessions we are planning to publish an alpha release with the main features and the... Read more

by kvantomme / 14 March, 2013

Two weeks ago, the Tour module got committed to Drupal 8 core. With that commit a whole new exciting world of step by step tutorials and documentation opened up. At Drupalcamp London on the codesprint I worked with Heather James, Antje Lorch and Lee Hunter on a draft work plan for the Documentation sprint at the Drupal Dev Days in Dublin. At that discussion I've committed to adding an export function to WalkHub that generates YAML files for Tour module, if we reach our funding goal for This should make it really fun and easy to create tours for Drupal 8 core and contrib. Last Saturday I organized a call to talk about Tour module and how the Walkthrough project could be made a 100% compatible with Tour in core. The recording of that meeting is available online, I've also... Read more

by kvantomme / 28 February, 2013

Today we launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (kind of like Kickstarter) for our automated walkthrough project. The goal of the project is to enable the Drupal community to play, edit and comment on automated walkthroughs. We want to make an open source toolchain that helps you create walkthroughs that are more interactive than video. With the campaign we hope we'll be able to raise the funds to launch the tool for the Drupal community and to make an extensive set of step by step tutorials for a distribution our backers choose and to launch, GitHub for automated tutorials.

As part of the campaign we will do a popular vote for the Drupal distribution, product or site, that our backers want us to document. If there is a Drupal distribution (e.g. Open Atrium,... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 28 February, 2013

In my earlier blog post about a distribution that all Drupal User Groups regardless of language and location could use, I invited you to a presentation and code sprint on DrupalCamp Bratislava. Thank you to those who showed up! If you couldn’t attend, read on for a summary of my presentation and an invitation to the next code sprint on Drupal Sprint Weekend on 9th March. As I wasn’t sure if all attendees have heard about the distribution, I presented the whole process starting with the concept to the first code sprint in Szeged.


Although we had a code sprint the next day, there is still some work to be done. Following the tradition of the global code sprint, I organized a sprint for the 9th March at the Pronovix office in Szeged (Hungary), where you can... Read more

by robert.kovacs / 26 February, 2013

The Radioactivity module provides a custom field type with a special radioactivity metric that can be assigned to content types. User interaction can maintain high-level radiation or - if interaction is not significant - a cool down mechanism can kick in. It can be used as a ‘hotness’ metric, a regular view counter, and even more. I explain the principles and walk you through the setup of this highly useful module. The first time I met the Radioactivity module in a project, my task was to display the three most read articles. The basic problem was that site visitors clicking on the promoted articles would increase the number of views and therefore keep them in the most read category, while other articles didn’t have the chance to get there. This is where the Radioactivity module came... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 14 February, 2013

I had an earlier blogpost about our work on a design and distribution package that Drupal User Groups all over the world could use. After having the concept refined and the wireframes ready, we went on with creating the design and organizing a code sprint to get things going.

As we got useful feedback on the wireframes and feature list, we could continue with designing the desktop layouts. Mobile and tablet versions are still in progress. The design is based on the logo colours, which in turn are derived from the brand colours. We didn’t exclusively use the blue palette, we made the look warmer by introducing green hues. The design itself is minimalistic and to the point.

When we had the final designs, I organized a code sprint in Szeged (Hungary), where 10... Read more