by kvantomme / 27 June, 2014

If you’ve installed your own WalkHub you’ve been able to use the Walkthrough recorder for a few weeks now. But yesterday after adding a few UX improvements we’ve now also released the Walkthrough recorder on With it, it is now extremely easy to create Walkthrough tutorials:

Click a record button in your browser (either on our website, browser plugin or site plugin) Do the task you want to create a Walkthrough for (so no need to think about how you want to present it) Review the Walkthrough and optionally add a customised description in the in place editor And you are ready to share

If you want to try it out, just log in on and you’ll see a red record button in the top right corner. If you don’t yet have an account, sign up for our newsletter... Read more

by kvantomme / 24 June, 2014

In the Drupal community we excel at sharing code, but we are terrible at sharing documentation. I’ve been trying to rally the Drupal community around a standard for reusable documentation for a few years now. But to get people to collaborate we needed to invent a new tool that makes it easy to create, reuse and share documentation between sites and the Drupal project at large. We have built that tool, it’s called WalkHub.

WalkHub lets you host a new type of tutorials designed specifically for the Internet. It allows you to create Walkthroughs for web applications that record interactions and NOT the visuals of a process. So when your site changes they adapt: got a new picture on your frontpage? Your form has an extra field? The design of your site changed? No problem,... Read more

by diana / 6 June, 2014

We are very excited to announce that two of the websites we developed last year won an Acquia Partner Site of the Year Award. The winners are MySBS (intranet) and the public website of Saïd Business School, embedded in Oxford University.

We were looking forward to the award ceremony at DrupalCon Austin with high hopes, as all three of our sites got selected as finalists from more than 100 nominees. We were already very proud of our projects and team back then, but the award ceremony exceeded all our expectations: We didn’t only win, we won two awards in different categories! All our finalists and winners were sites for Saïd Business School (SBS), the business school of the University of Oxford. We’ll now introduce all three projects in more detail.

Saïd Business School... Read more
by mmaczel / 8 April, 2014

Drupal Dev Days Szeged was a great opportunity for me to realize and take part in one of Kristof’s crazy ideas (well, almost as crazy as Drupalcon 2008 was ;) with some great people from the community. While the event turned out to be a success, I’ve learnt a lot that I would like to share with all future organizers through this blog post and other channels. Core organizers gathered from various organizations (Acquia, Pronovix, Integral Vision, and Brainsum) and an awesome team of volunteers helped us from the first steps until the last. We can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are for your priceless creativity and invaluable help! On the last day of the event, we had a 5-hour retrospective “sprint” to discuss the biggest issues we experienced and to gather best... Read more

by iamzoltanvaradi / 12 March, 2014

I have been a developer at Pronovix for over 2 two years now. During this time I was either developing a .NET based web service or iOS applications, but what they all had in common was that they were communicating with a Drupal site. I was always on the dark side of Drupal until last week, when I attended my first international Drupal conference ever: Drupalcamp London…

The two-day event was hosted at City University London and more than 500 people attended. Sessions were held in 3 lecture rooms and there were code sprints and BOFs in over 5 rooms. For my Drupal-immature mind every session held new and practical information and between them I had the pleasure to meet members of the Drupal community. However my attendance wasn’t strictly for pleasure, I was planning to... Read more

by iamzoltanvaradi / 25 February, 2014

We have just finished developing a loyalty program system for a Belgian coffee shop, so we thought we could summarize what we’ve learned to help Drupalists working on similar projects.

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward and encourage loyal buying behavior. The owner of a loyalty card is identified as a member in the loyalty program who is entitled either a discount on the current purchase, or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases.

Our guidelines for the coffee shop project were the following:

Manage customer loyalty points online Support paper- and virtual loyalty cards Provide an easy way to switch from paper to virtual loyalty card

Paper... Read more

by kvantomme / 3 February, 2014

Brightcove is a video hosting platform that integrates with your Drupal site through the Brightcove module. They have a really solid service, and if you need an enterprise-grade solution you should definitely check them out (full disclosure: Brightcove is a customer of Pronovix). But what really sets Brightcove apart in my opinion, is their dedication to and support for the Drupal community. I'm a regular attendee of a whole string of Drupal events throughout Europe and some of the largest events in the U.S., and Brightcove is often a major presence. Whether it's through the live streaming of the Drupalcon keynotes, support for the Drupal Association or through sponsorship to some of our events, Brightcove invests in the Drupal community. While many software-as-a-service providers... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 19 December, 2013

Livefyre wanted to better integrate its services with the Drupal platform and asked us to make sure that the Livefyre integration module was architected to conform with Drupal best practices. They also wanted to give the module better feature parity with Livefyre’s WordPress integration. Following an earlier code review, Pronovix was asked to refactor the module to turn comments into fields, to add search indexing, a synchronization mechanism and a comment count. AaronELBorg did a great job with the original Livefyre module. As a module originally developed for Drupal 6 and then ported to Drupal 7, it did not yet fully leverage all the new possibilities with Drupal 7’s API. When Livefyre asked us what we could do to make the module use best practices in Drupal, the obvious question was... Read more

by diana / 29 October, 2013

Seeing how lots of merchandise, like plastic gadgets, heavy brochures and cheap electronics aren’t really inviting and eventually end up in the trash can, we turned the tables and came up with something that is in line with the Open Source Community’s philosophies of collaboration, reuse and free licenses: a collectible, deck building, open source card game.

To prepare for the project we asked ourselves and over a 100 people at Drupal events the past months how we could make better conference giveaways: What merchandise could we be enthusiastic about? We needed something that is complex enough to satisfy our minds, but simple and cheap enough to produce. We’ve ended up building a card game that resembles classics like Magic the Gathering or Munchkin, but that is set in... Read more

by k.dani / 10 October, 2013

Brightcove is one of the leading video platforms and video management companies that provides professional quality video delivery for all kinds of audiences with different devices. The restructuring of the Media module resulted in two separate versions, so we had to follow up with the development of the Brightcove integration module to support the new one as well. From its launch, the Media module has had the ambitious goal to solve Drupal's long standing media handling problem. To this end the Media module has:

A unified mechanism that can be used to integrate different types of media, be it images or embedded videos, into text areas through a WYSIWYG editor A unified interface for adding any type of media as a field to entities Flexible display filters for image manipulation,... Read more