by kvantomme / 5 November, 2012

Out of the box, cloud storage services are not all that useful when you need to collaborate on documents in a organizational context. Most services do a pretty good job for individual use but fall short when you need to manage a complex set of projects. In this post I explain how we are using Drupal as a front-end for Google Drive and how this allows us to better organize our project documentation and create tailor-made workflows that fit our company processes. So far we've been using a combination of a Google Docs Spreadsheet (for overview and tracking) and Dropbox to store and share our official company documents: contracts, purchase orders, offers, invoices. It's great that all documents get synched to a local folder but there are some serious limitations to this approach:

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by kvantomme / 17 May, 2012

It seems like a lot is moving in Drupal for government, after Drupal got serious momentum when the White house launched their Drupal site the Drupal Government Days in Washington DC on 18 May, 2012, will be the third dedicated Drupal Government event.

Last year I (Kristof Van Tomme) helped to organize the Drupal Gov Days in Brussels, together with Ivo Radulovski (Segments, Austria) and Hanno Lans (Datascape, The Netherlands). We organized the event with the support of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Belgium (special kudos go to Bart Van Herreweghe who made it all possible), the Information and Communication Technology FPS (Fedict), the International Press Centre, and the Drupal Association.

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by kvantomme / 9 December, 2008

In this demo videocast I explain how articles from PubMed can be integrated in a Drupal site. First I focus on the end-user perspective (e.g. adding RSS feeds for specific PubMed queries). Afterwards I talk about how you can implement this on your own website. This solution can be useful for scientists with a blog or research groups in the medical/biotechnological field that want to give easy access to some of their publications. It could also be the basis for an intranet where you want track and share comments on new developments in specific medical fields. I imagine that you could configure the site with automatic notifications when new content is aggregated and for public sites require the user to approve any new content. The contrib Drupal modules I use are FeedAPI and the feed... Read more