API Mastermind

Bringing open space to the API community
Two days of intensive peer-to-peer learning for API product owners and API team leads. Come with your questions, go home with ideas & insights from people who share your challenges!

How do you run an API initiative?
Who shares your problems?
Where can you talk freely?

To be successful, an API initiative needs a lot more than code. Thousands of teams are working on APIs and all of them are knowledgeable. There’s a lot to learn from each other!

API Mastermind Budapest is dedicated to intensive peer-to-peer learning for API product owners and API team leads. It'll be an event without invited speakers and presentations. Everyone will have the opportunity to start and join discussions relevant to their current work.

The Mastermind is an extension of what we have been doing with the API the Docs community – we learn together by sharing industry best practices, discussing (and even solving) mutually relevant issues.

About the open space format
No sales pitches, no presentations
The schedule emerges matching the participants’ real needs and interests. They explore, share, discuss, and even solve mutually relevant topics and issues. No sponsored presentations, no monopolizing of attention by formal speakers.
Topics that matter to you
You’ll be free to initiate a discussion, what’s more, you’ll be free to switch between discussions at any time during the event.
Open & frank discussions
Organized under the Chatham House Rules, you can ask questions you would otherwise not be able to ask. For any of the conversations, you’ll be “free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any participant, may be revealed”.

API Mastermind is a loosely structured open space event dedicated to API product owners and team leads with a focus on peer-to-peer interactions and open exchange of information.

John Bruin
Manager, Digital Services
We used the Open Space Event format for our Innovation Summit and found that the approach resonated well with our audience. Allowing participants to drive the agenda increased the sense of ownership and gave everyone a chance to contribute to a topic of their interest, whether at a novice or expert level. Discussions flowed well and resulted in some surprising outcomes. I’m looking forward to my next Open Space Event.
Kristof Van Tomme
I find open space events one of the most engaging meeting formats. When I first participated in one at a local event, it was a game changer for me. So much so that I decided to organize open space events in the Drupal community (the first Drupal CXOs). Even if you're familiar with the topics being discussed at the events, there's this excitement that anything can happen – since participants create the "marketplace" of topics, you get to choose what you'd like to learn or contribute to – you can choose one, you can choose many, you decide. Your attention is not monopolized by a formal agenda and it's very liberating!

Help us shape the first API Mastermind open space event

In the past years we organized a couple of really successful invite-only API Mastermind sessions. We also saw how powerful an open space event format can be.

When it is well-organized, it can be a real game changer for the participants.

So we made up our minds to create the very first open space API mastermind event in Budapest, Hungary. All set to maximize learning efficiency and focus.

However it turned out, no matter how great the concept is, it is not that easy to get signups for an event without predefined topics and previously announced professional experts. At last we decided to postpone the event and to review the details and ask your preferences, so that we can come back with an amazing event in 2020.

Bringing API Mastermind to the API community is something we believe in. Help us shape the idea by filling in this 5 minutes anonymous questionnaire to help us create an awesome first open space experience for the API community.