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API Resilience Podcast

We believe that digital transformation efforts make companies and communities more resilient. In the API Resilience podcast you'll listen to guests from industry leading API teams sharing their views about the current trends of the API economy. We also bring you insights that your API team will be able to use, and even explain to your management on how APIs can help your company cope, resurge, and thrive during and after this pandemic. The host is Kristof Van Tomme, CEO & co-founder of Pronovix.

“Developer Marketing Does Not Exist”

When you are reaching out to developers, traditional marketing solutions usually don't work on their own. What is the right approach then? How to convince developers to use your products or services? Tune in and listen to this podcast with Adam DuVander and Kristof Van Tomme and learn why "Developer Marketing Does not Exist".

Retrospective with Mark Winberry

In this episode Mark and Kristof did a retrospective discussion on the past episodes and Mark said farewell to the listeners as he will no longer co-host the podcast.

Transition from code-first to design-first: growing the API program at SAS

In this episode Jeannie Hawrysz (Lead API Architect and Manager of API and Developer Program Enablement) talked about their team efforts at SAS to set new standards for their API program during the time of pandemia.

Building and running a successful API Program in a high-asset travel company

In episode 2 Robin Meissner talked about TUI’s digital transformation efforts in the past 2 years from the first API they published to the future API and interface ecosystem he envisions for TUI.

Creating personalized experiences through APIs in the travel industry

In the first episode Robin and the hosts, Kristof Van Tomme and Mark Winberry took an “API-philosophic” angle and discussed how APIs could help create more personalized, diverse and unique experiences in the future, going beyond their current role in the corporate world.

Journey of a transformation into a Consumer / API First company

Interview with Maarten Roosendaal, product manager and product owner of a retailer API at


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