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API Resilience Podcast

We believe that digital transformation efforts make companies and communities more resilient. In the API Resilience podcast you'll listen to guests from industry leading API teams sharing their views about the current trends of the API economy. We also bring you insights that your API team will be able to use, and even explain to your management on how APIs can help your company cope, resurge, and thrive during and after this pandemic. The host is Kristof Van Tomme, CEO & co-founder of Pronovix.

Digital transformation in public broadcasting

We are talking with Roberto Salomone, representing SRG SSR (Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft).

API Driven Capabilities in the Automotive Industry

“Software is eating your car” claims John Musser (Director, Platforms, Ford Autonomous Vehicles). This episode explores new affordances and unique functionalities that are triggered by a broader connectivity between vehicles, IoT devices and other elements of the transportation space.

API Success as a Bow Wave

Claire Barrett (APIsFirst Consulting) explores how API success creates a bow wave for an organisation’s wider digital transformation, and why it is important to recognise the humans behind API success.

APIs and Evolutionary Purpose

In this episode, Ainhoa Pulido (API Manager, Lufthansa) and Flavio Geraldes (API Manager, Lufthansa) explore the importance of purpose and innovation when it comes to creating or integrating APIs. What else is crucial?

Non-transactional Values in the API Space

In the first part of the API Resilience interview Kin Lane (Chief Evangelist, Postman) talked about Digital Literacy & Democratizing APIs. The 2nd part of the conversation goes towards more philosophical territories.

Connecting Audience & APIs

“Our shared responsibility is to help industries where we belong to adopt and push forward their API programs and API community initiatives” claims Aleksei Akimov (Head of API, Adyen).


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