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API Resilience Podcast

We believe that digital transformation efforts make companies and communities more resilient. In the API Resilience podcast you'll listen to guests from industry leading API teams sharing their views about the current trends of the API economy. We also bring you insights that your API team will be able to use, and even explain to your management on how APIs can help your company cope, resurge, and thrive during and after this pandemic. The host is Kristof Van Tomme, CEO & co-founder of Pronovix.

Non-transactional Values in the API Space

In the first part of the API Resilience interview Kin Lane (Chief Evangelist, Postman) talked about Digital Literacy & Democratizing APIs. The 2nd part of the conversation goes towards more philosophical territories.

Connecting Audience & APIs

“Our shared responsibility is to help industries where we belong to adopt and push forward their API programs and API community initiatives” claims Aleksei Akimov (Head of API, Adyen).

The Present & Future of Banking APIs - Part 4

It pays off to cater to both technical and business audiences, claims Katrien Van Gijsel (Business Innovation Manager, KBC Bank & Verzekering).

Designing the APIS of the Future

Will APIs make it possible in the future to build systems that are optimized for cooperation and resilience rather than profit and sheer growth? What is the difference between writing code for a machine vs. all the machines? Why APIs resemble creative game spaces or ant colonies, and why is it an antipattern to create sequential workflows when designing APIs?

About Digital Literacy & Democratizing APIs

“Democratizing APIs is about making people aware that APIs exist, and that they can use them too, it’s not just for wizards on the hill […] anyone can do it! ” says Kin Lane (Chief Evangelist, Postman).

Shaking Off Legacy to Become API-first

In this edition, Sophie Rutard (Head of API, Euler Hermes) shares how a paper-centered business improved its operations by making efforts towards digital transformation – from value proposition through buy-in to API governance.


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