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API Leadership Mastermind


Meet us in Amsterdam, where Pronovix is starting a new session series called API Leadership Mastermind.

About API Leadership Mastermind

To be successful, an API initiative needs a lot more than code. That’s why Pronovix is starting an API Leadership Mastermind session series in the Netherlands this October that brings API product owners and API team leads together to discuss and brainstorm about their API initiatives and strategy. We invite max. 10 API initiative leaders, who are selected to be complimentary to each other’s business needs. The sessions will give an excellent opportunity to talk frankly to a group of peers without having to worry about competition, and they are organized under the Chatham House Rule.

Opening session

The opening session is in Amsterdam on October 15th, right before APIDays Amsterdam. It will be a 4-hour gathering in the afternoon focusing on API design and style guides. To deep dive in the topic we asked Zdenek Nemec, an expert from Good API Consulting, to talk about best practices and latest trends.

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API Leadership Mastermind


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