API Mastermind Budapest 2019

Meet Kristof and the Events team in Budapest, where we organize a new, open space event around APIs.

Pre-registration is open!

How do you run an API initiative?
Who shares your problems?
Where can you talk freely?

To be successful, an API initiative needs a lot more than code. Thousands of teams are working on APIs and all of them are knowledgeable. There’s a lot to learn from each other!

Imagine if you could come together and discuss your API program with a group of peers. This November you will have the opportunity to talk frankly - under the Chatham House rules - with fellow product owners and team leads who are facing similar issues in their organizations.

API Mastermind Budapest is an open space event where you can freely ask your questions, share your knowledge, discuss best practices, talk about your challenges, and get inspired.

See you there!

About the author

Katalin Fogas

Event Organizer

Katalin is an Event Organiser at Pronovix.

As a member of the Events Team, Katalin is responsible for organizing meetups and one-day conferences for technical writers and developers all around Europe and North America.

She has 8+ years experience in event management and an additional 2 years in tourism and travel. She holds a master's degree in English and American Studies.