APIdays Paris

Meet the Events Team in Paris, where we co-organize the Docs & DX track of APIdays Paris.

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API design & developer experience block

11:00-11:25 Oliver Thamm (Xapix.io): API Accessibility - Key Concepts Driving Developer Adoption
11:25-11:50 S. Adeel Ali (APIMatic): Increasing API Adoption via Code PlayGround
11:50-12:15 Jaap Brasser (Rubrik Inc.): API SDK Development - Lessons Learned
12:15-12:40 Julia Elman (Ad Hoc): Designing APIs for Humans: Leveraging UX Methods For Develop Human Centered APIs

12:40-14:00 Lunch break

Developer portal block

14:00-14:25 Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix): Scaling API Docs: A Role for Developer Portals in Digital Transformation
14:25-14:50 Mike Budzynski (Microsoft): Six Principles of the Next Generation Developer Portal
14:50-15:15 Gregory De Jans (TomTom): Grow Your Developer Community by Enhancing the Developer Portal Experience
15:15-15:40 Ilona Koren-Deutsch & Prabhjot Singh (Twitch): Lessons Learned From Rebuilding a Developer Documentation Website

15:40-16:15 Break

API documentation block

16:15-16:40 Nathaniel Okenwa (Twilio): A Balanced Diet of Documentation
16:40-17:05 Ben Ahmady (Onfido): Write the API docs before the API exists 17:05-17:30 Kenigbolo Meya Stephen (BCaster): Continuous Documentation - The best time is now
17:30-17:55 Barry Rosenberg & Sharif Salah (Google): Technical Writing Courses

See you in Paris!

About the author

Katalin Fogas

Event Organizer

Katalin is an Event Organiser at Pronovix.

As a member of the Events Team, Katalin is responsible for organizing meetups and one-day conferences for technical writers and developers all around Europe and North America.

She has 8+ years experience in event management and an additional 2 years in tourism and travel. She holds a master's degree in English and American Studies.