Meet Mónika at APIDays Amsterdam, where she will talk about telco devportals.

What is APIDays?

APIDays is the world's leading API conference series. It democratizes and evangelizes the use and the opportunity of APIs for corporations and business by focusing on events, content, research and consulting. APIDays Amsterdam will focus on APIs, CPaaS and Programmable Telecoms. For more information, visit the event page.

Telco Devportals: API Docs and DX Patterns

The telecommunication sector was one of the earliest adopters of APIs and today it is one of its most important and largest markets. Pronovix researched the developer portals of telecommunication carriers and the so called vendors (like Nexmo or Twilio) on their best practices. The presentation follows the steps taken by a developer persona looking for an API implementation from start to finish, and it follows the downstream developer journey.

Are you interested? Tickets to the event are already available. See you in Amsterdam!

About the author

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő

Information Architect, Content Writer

Mónika started at Pronovix as a content writer. While doing research for the Pronovix blog posts she got fascinated by Information Architecture and UX. Apart from continuing her research into devportal best practices she works with clients in the information architecture phase.