Meet the Pronovix team in London, where they will do a workshop at DevRelCon London 2018 about developer portal best practices on 6th November at Thistle Barbican.

DevRelCon London 2018

DevRelCon and DevXcon are a global series of events, created by Hoopy, to provide a forum for developer relations and developer experience professionals share with other practitioners. Beginning in London in 2015, there are now also editions in San Francisco, Tokyo and China. Since 2015 DevRelCon London is now a regular fixture towards the end of each year and has grown to cover developer marketing and developer experience, including APIs, as well as developer relations. Read more about DevRelCon here.

Developer portal best practices - workshop with Kristof van Tomme and Katheleen de Roo

How do you build a developer portal to best serve the developer journey? In this session, Kristof and Katheleen will show you how to create a developer portal that draws on the best of the industry and is based on their research and work producing developer portals for clients worldwide.

Are you interested? Tickets to the workshop as well as to the conference are available here. See you in London!

About the author

Kathleen De Roo

Information Architect, Technical Content Writer

As a technical writer and member of the Pronovix content team, Kathleen is responsible for writing, reviewing and editing website copy and blog posts, mainly on developer portal documentation aspects. She is currently also diving into the world of information architecture.

She holds master's degrees in history and in archival science & records management.