Drupal Camp Oslo 2019

Meet Árpi from the front-end team at this year's Drupal Camp Oslo, where he talks about CSS custom properties and why they are useful.

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CSS custom properties: benefit from the future of CSS today

What are CSS custom properties (aka CSS variables) and why are they useful in general? How can we utilize them in Drupal themes in order to have a customizable color palette?

All of you might have already heard about CSS custom properties but haven’t used because they aren’t compatible with all of the commonly used browsers. This isn’t the case anymore. The number of browsers with support for it is higher today and we also have workarounds for browsers that still haven’t implemented this feature. Why not start using its benefits in our Drupal themes already?

In this session you will hear about:

  • CSS properties syntax and how they work
  • how to override colors from Drupal theme settings
  • how to set up your Gulp task to handle CSS custom properties
  • some code samples for all the above :)

See you in Oslo!

About the author

Árpád Csányi

Front-End Developer

Árpád Csányi is a Front-end Developer at Pronovix. He created his first website in high school and fell in love with the creative part of the process. Later on he got interested in programming as well, but he missed the visual aspect of it. He doesn’t like to repeat the same task too many times, so he tries to automate all recurring tasks in his development workflow. Although he’s a Front-end Developer, he really likes working in the terminal, because it’s simple and powerful. When not working (with websites), he likes preparing documents for printing (especially written in LaTeX), or do anything that requires a certain level of precision. When the weather allows, he likes riding his bike.