DrupalDevDays Transylvania 2019

Meet the Pronovix team in Cluj-Napoca, where we attend this year's DrupalDevDays as a Platinum sponsor. Find our booth in the Sponsor area and see what we can offer!

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Global warming is a threat, unlike anything humanity, has ever faced: its consequences will affect us for generations to come. For most of us, climate change is amorphous, far away threat that we don't really know what to do about it. Recently that threat has become a lot more tangible and it seems like we're on the cusp of a catastrophe. But there's hope! It's not just the threat that has grown but new technologies and insights have been developed that can help us address global warming.

Pronovix organizes a climate hackathon to discuss and take action to

  • show how developers & developer community organizers can help tackle climate change
  • amplify good ideas and help spread best practices
  • make the Drupal community part of the solution

In the (Drupal) Open Source community we have superpowers. We know how to collaboratively innovate on a planetary scale. Be a superhero! Join the session and help amplify good ideas!

About the author

Katalin Fogas

Event Organizer

Katalin is an Event Organiser at Pronovix.

As a member of the Events Team, Katalin is responsible for organizing meetups and one-day conferences for technical writers and developers all around Europe and North America.

She has 8+ years experience in event management and an additional 2 years in tourism and travel. She holds a master's degree in English and American Studies.