InnerSource Commons Fall Summit 2019

Meet Kristof and Mónika in Baltimore, where they will share devportal best practices at this year's InnerSource Commons Fall Summit.

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Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő: Innersource Developer Portal Template

API developer portals are a self-service hub, a documentation database, a mission control platform, and a trust signal. All these concepts also apply to innersource developer portals. In the presentation I will explain how the lessons learnt while creating API developer portals can be applied to create an innersource devportal template and how these can be extended with features and UX patterns built to address the most important innersourcing patterns.

See you in Baltimore!

About the author

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő

Information Architect, Content Writer

Mónika started at Pronovix as a content writer. While doing research for the Pronovix blog posts she got fascinated by Information Architecture and UX. Apart from continuing her research into devportal best practices she works with clients in the information architecture phase.