OSCON 2019

Meet Kristof at OSCON 2019, where he'll present on the Innersource Day (July 16): 7 Cultural Models to Adapt in a World of Increased Complexity.

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Open source and InnerSource are part of a much larger wave of change that’s helping the world to adapt to the massively increased complexity of a digitally connected society. According to Wikipedia, “InnerSource is the use of open source software development best practices and the establishment of an open source-like culture within organizations.”

It’s fairly tangible to identify open source software development best practices and to copy them, but it’s much harder to establish an open source-like culture in an organization. It’s hard to even know where to start or how to separate great cultural patterns from accidental cultural artifacts that could be detrimental, but seem relevant because of survivor bias.

To get started, Kristof Van Tomme believes you have to get an as complete as possible understanding of the principles behind open source culture. He’s been reading and thinking about these principles for the past 13 years and is ready to introduce seven mental models and surprising insights he’s adopted along the way that have transformed the way he thinks about business. With references to the books that helped crystallize the insights, he explains why he believes these mental models and insights can help an organization build an open source-like culture.

His insights are to thrive in a fast-changing environment, you need a complex, adaptive system; motivation isn’t about sticks, but it isn’t about carrots either; collaboration at scale no longer needs to be transactional; when focused around feelings and needs, conflicts are growth opportunities; language is an indicator of cultural maturity; digital businesses are value networks rather than value streams; and living systems use just enough constraints and fallible substructures to gain immortality.

See you in Portland!

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Kristof van Tomme

CEO, Co-founder

Kristof Van Tomme is an open source strategist and architect. He is the CEO and co-founder of Pronovix. He’s got a degree in bioengineering and is a regular speaker at conferences in the API, DevRel, and technical writing communities.