Write the Docs Amsterdam

Meet the Content Team in Amsterdam at the next Write the Docs meetup, where Mónika will present a 4-step Information Architecture method.


What information is essential for a devportal? How should it be structured?

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő will introduce a 4-step Information Architecture method in her presentation. It focuses on the users (not just “developers”), the business strategy and the technical requirements and creates a roadmap that takes a team to and beyond their MVP.

See you in Amsterdam!

About the author

Laura Vass

co-Founder. Financial Manager. Editor.

Co-founded Pronovix in 2005.

In daily operations Laura is cheerleader and copy editor of the Pronovix writer team. Since we specialized our company in developer portals, almost 3 years ago, our tech writer team of five has been researching, and reporting on events (some of which we co-organised) in the API, DevRel and documentation space. We publish video recordings and text recaps of these events, and write our own findings in blogposts aimed at a wider (not only technical writing) audience.

Pronovix is a very active member of the Drupal and the Write The Docs community. Laura is co-organizer of the Amsterdam and the Brussels Write the Docs meetup groups and of the API the Docs conference series.

Proud contributing writer of the Drupal 8 end user documentation.

She is also a zentangles-evangelist and avid yarn-collector, eliminating imaginary bottlenecks to creative freedom.