Write the Docs Amsterdam

Meet the Content Team in Amsterdam at the next Write the Docs meetup, where Mónika will present a 4-step Information Architecture method.


What information is essential for a devportal? How should it be structured?

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő will introduce a 4-step Information Architecture method in her presentation. It focuses on the users (not just “developers”), the business strategy and the technical requirements and creates a roadmap that takes a team to and beyond their MVP.

See you in Amsterdam!

About the author

Laura Vass

co-Founder. Financial Manager. Editor.

Co-founded Pronovix in 2005.

In daily operations Laura is editor of our blog & developer portals newsletter, interfaces sales and marketing, besides creating and holding spaces inside and outside our team.

Specialized in developer portals, we research trends and best practices, organize and report on knowledge-sharing events in the API, DevRel and technical documentation space. We publish our recordings and quick-parse recaps of presentations on these events, and write our own findings and suggestions published on the Pronovix blog.

Pronovix is an active member of the Drupal and the Write The Docs community. Laura is co-organizer of the Amsterdam Write the Docs meetup groups and of the API the Docs conference series.

Latest interests are non-violent communication techniques and mediation, the dynamics of cultural shifts, localization. Knitting techniques and the point of mastery when one knits with the balance between space and yarn.