Write the Docs Amsterdam

Meet us in Amsterdam at the Write the Docs meetup, which will focus on Kubernetes and SIG docs.

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Zach Corleissen writes and edits technical documentation for the Linux Foundation, and wrangles tech doc contributions for open source software projects like Kubernetes. For more information, see Zach's homepage: https://www.corleissen.com/


How Kubernetes SIG Docs changed our stack, our git workflow, and the world.

One year ago, the Kubernetes documentation group (SIG Docs) received a request: could we host a Chinese localization of the docs? One year later, the answer is yes--we host Chinese docs, as well as several other languages, with more localizations in the works. This talk is about what happened with Kubernetes SIG Docs in the course of one year: the easy part (changing our site stack from Jekyll to Hugo), the difficult part (changing our git workflow), and the most challenging part (opening ourselves to internationalization). I'll briefly discuss the technical hazards we encountered (swapping Markdown parsers, Black Friday bugs), what worked well versus what didn't, and what we recommend for others looking to internationalize midstream.


18:30-19:00 Doors open
19:00-19:15 Introduction
19:20-19:50 Talk by Zach Corleissen
20:00-21:30 Q&A, free flow conversation

See you in Amsterdam!

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