Meet Sven and Laura at the next WTD Amsterdam meetup, where they will talk about different aspects of Continuous Integration Testing for documentation testing.

"Write Drunk - Test Automated"

This talk covers topics such as:

  • Theory of CI testing, where it can help and where not.
  • Insights about your repository (Version Control Systems, VCS).
  • Strategy (what to test, level of testing and when).
  • Human/community aspects and challenges (Open Source Software, OSS).
  • Workflows (Make your devs happy).
  • Security.
  • Examples of production setups.

This talk is slightly opinionated and based on experience gathered through various open source communities and companies. Nevertheless, there is no 'golden solution' nor right or wrong, it always depends on your (community/company) needs, setups and use cases.


About the author

Laura Vass

co-Founder. Financial Manager. Editor.

Co-founded Pronovix in 2005.

In daily operations Laura is cheerleader and copy editor of the Pronovix writer team. Since we specialized our company in developer portals, almost 3 years ago, our tech writer team of five has been researching, and reporting on events (some of which we co-organised) in the API, DevRel and documentation space. We publish video recordings and text recaps of these events, and write our own findings in blogposts aimed at a wider (not only technical writing) audience.

Pronovix is a very active member of the Drupal and the Write The Docs community. Laura is co-organizer of the Amsterdam and the Brussels Write the Docs meetup groups and of the API the Docs conference series.

Proud contributing writer of the Drupal 8 end user documentation.

She is also a zentangles-evangelist and avid yarn-collector, eliminating imaginary bottlenecks to creative freedom.