Pronovix Code of Conduct

Pronovix team meeting

The Pronovix Code of Conduct is the expression of our shared ideas and values. It encompasses our views and behavior as members of Pronovix, and outlines our expectations for all future members of our team.

About us

We are a software development company integrating complex web systems in Drupal, and fostering the open source ecosystem wherever we can. We operate internationally as a distributed company with offices in Belgium and Hungary.

Our motto

Our motto is ‘Grow and help grow’. Based on the zen philosophy of constant learning, growth and development, we actively seek opportunities to expand our skills and knowledge, while doing our best to support the prosperity of our clients’ businesses.

Our mission

We aim to foster the open source ecosystem and make a meaningful impact on the world, thus we aspire to:

  • technological leadership: We combine product innovation and open source software services to build lasting value for our customers, co-workers and the communities we interact with.
  • community leadership: We organize and participate in open source community events both locally and internationally; while also initiating new and contributing to existing projects in addition to exploring and reporting on new applications for the tools we work with.
  • empowering partnerships: We’re committed to building systems that give our customers maximum independence. Long term open partnerships are more important to us than any short term gain we can get from hoarding our knowledge.

Our core values

By living these core values we incorporate ourselves in a culture in which people act as a team, working together toward common goals. The below fundamental values are part of everything we do.

Empower and get empowered

Our goal is to ensure that each team member can progress further and faster in their careers while working with us. We sponsor training opportunities, offer support, invest in internal research projects and provide the chance to teach and speak at conferences, — you bring your flame, we help it grow and that enriches all of us. We also try to build empowering partner relations with our clients and deliver successful, important and rewarding work that all involved can be proud of.

Enjoy our flatland

We operate in a flat structure: teams and leaders emerge based on project requirements or professional interests. Everyone can try and engage in roles beyond the one their original position would limit them to. We don’t have bosses, but you can lead by example; nor are we a corporation with a strict hierarchy and a clear chain of command. You must be fond of the combinations of freedom and responsibility and the balance between the two to enjoy working as one of our team.

Thrive and innovate

We expect that you educate yourself with the latest technologies, stay up to date with best practices and improve your knowledge to generate ideas and solutions where you can also take the lead. Share your enthusiasm with us, excel in what you do, and shape the big picture with your contribution.

Pursue diversity and respect

Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines; diversity of skills and perspective is something we actively look for during our hiring process. We are a pluralist tribe that celebrates differences as the source of our creativity. We want to create a communication landscape in which anybody can find a place for themselves. That is why any time you feel uncomfortable with something somebody says or does, this should be called out and respectfully challenged, so that we can learn how to better communicate in the future. If you feel uncomfortable doing so directly, reach out to a colleague who can help you find a way to address the problematic behaviour. We have a strong community focus, we believe in karma and that giving back is the right thing to do and the best way for getting back even more.

Show your human side

We are all professionals, but we never neglect the human side. The freedom to fail is an important trait of the company: we admit and then learn from our mistakes. Expressing vulnerability does not equate to weakness, but a commonality with all humanity and from that comes subsequent growth. We do care about how you feel and appreciate honesty and openness. We also nourish an altruistic side and have tendency to always give more than expected.

Find balance

You know yourself best, so adjust the work to your most productive periods with the importance of scheduled tasks, deadlines and communication in mind. We are flexible with work times and remote work is also an option if that helps you better focus and avoid distraction.

We welcome you and your contributions to the team, making Pronovix an awesome place for everyone.