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15 October, 2020

APIdays London LIVE 2020

Meet Kristof at APIdays London LIVE and learn about the new trends he sees in API developer portals in 2020.

08 September, 2020

API The Docs Virtual, Season 2

Meet the Events team at the second season of the API The docs online events.

05 August, 2020

APIdays Singapore LIVE

Meet Kristof at APIdays Singapore LIVE, where he'll share what "democratising developer experience" means.

04 August, 2020

DevRelCon Earth 2020

Meet Kristof at DevRelCon Earth and and learn about the two trends that are impacting API programs, their documentation processes, and their developer portal’s information architecture.

11 May, 2020

API The Docs Virtual

Meet the Events Team at a series of virtual events on API documentation & developer portals.

22 November, 2019

APIdays Paris 2019

Meet the Events Team in Paris, where we co-organize the Docs & DX track of APIdays Paris.


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