The challenge Providing an API to allow developers to interact with the massive amount of information coming out of Twitter is no small job. Datasift created extensive developer documentation to make this possibe and needed to make it accessible online. They also realized that by creating a discussion board, developers could share solutions and add value to the entire system. With developer documentation already prepared in Adobe RoboHelp, Datasift asked us to build a developer community website to share this information and let developers discuss it together.

Our solution

Drupal provided an excellent platform to develop the Datasift developer community site. We helped them to define the overall information architecture for their documentation and to built a tool to import the documentation from the RoboHelp format into a hierarchical structure of Drupal nodes.

  • API documentation - Using a combination of Drupal contributed modules and custom code, we created an easy to use set of API documentation. Attention to small details such as navigation systems, breadcrumbs and custom weights for faceted search results has made finding information in the Datasift developer documentation intuitive, even for new visitors.
  • Discussion forum - We created a discussion forum, letting developers talk together about ideas and problems, reducing the amount of work that Datasift’s support staff has to handle and improving the overall developer community.
  • User management -To make it easier for developers to join the community and manage how they use the site, we used Janrain’s excellent social media integration service, which also provides rich social analytics.
  • Content workflow - Since the documentation is constantly updated, Datasift has found the change workflow and approval system which we integrated extremely valuable. Complex workflow systems such as this not only implement approval systems for internal control, but also open the possibility of allowing even community developers to help change and improve documentation.

When Datasift wanted to create their developer support site, they came to Pronovix to build their solution.

With real-time access to 100% of Twitter's firehose in real-time, developers can build amazing systems to work with and analyze what is going on both right now and in the past in social media. And these developers expect to get fast and efficient support from Datasift.