by kvantomme / 30 November, 2016

This month we are celebrating the one year anniversary of our partnership with Apigee. One year in, after we worked on more than 20 developer portals, we are also celebrating that we successfully specialised our Drupal company on API documentation.

After a lot of reading and thinking about developer portals, research into API documentation components and over 10 API events, I’ve gained a few new perspectives on API documentation that I think could be valuable for API architects and product owners. I synthesized the ideas and frameworks we developed in a presentation for Apigee’s API forum (Paris, Amsterdam, and London) and for the London APIdays. I felt my presentation at the API forum in Amsterdam was the best paced, and the most complete, that is why I’ve published it on... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 February, 2016

The first week of March I will be in London for 3 events related to documentation, APIs and Drupal Developer portals. If you are working on an API documentation project, you should not miss this opportunity:

I Love APIs - Wednesday March 2nd

A one day event organised by Apigee. "I love APIs Europe brings together European digital leaders who will share their strategies and lessons learned, combined with hands-on educational sessions led by the world's most experienced API Ninjas."

Buy your ticket here

Developer Portals in Drupal - Thursday March 3rd

A free half day workshop about Drupal Developer Portals with Apigee (whose Developer Portal is built in Drupal). On the agenda:

What is Drupal and why is it a good platform for Developer Portals (Kristof Van... Read more