by kalman.hosszu / 14 March, 2013

Thank you for showing up on the DUG distribution code sprint that we arranged for Drupal Sprint Weekend! We had lots of fun, but we also had serious progress in both the theme and feature development. On 9th March members of the local Drupal community gathered in the Pronovix office in Szeged (Hungary) to help with the development of the DUG distribution while enjoying some pizza and wine spritzer. Most of the main menu items are structurally done, we have fixed the issues that surfaced during development, and the basics for the theme layer are also finished. We worked on the description of the distro, too. On the next code sprint, we are going to focus on developing the theme, and after one or two sessions we are planning to publish an alpha release with the main features and the... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 28 February, 2013

In my earlier blog post about a distribution that all Drupal User Groups regardless of language and location could use, I invited you to a presentation and code sprint on DrupalCamp Bratislava. Thank you to those who showed up! If you couldn’t attend, read on for a summary of my presentation and an invitation to the next code sprint on Drupal Sprint Weekend on 9th March. As I wasn’t sure if all attendees have heard about the distribution, I presented the whole process starting with the concept to the first code sprint in Szeged.


Although we had a code sprint the next day, there is still some work to be done. Following the tradition of the global code sprint, I organized a sprint for the 9th March at the Pronovix office in Szeged (Hungary), where you can... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 14 February, 2013

I had an earlier blogpost about our work on a design and distribution package that Drupal User Groups all over the world could use. After having the concept refined and the wireframes ready, we went on with creating the design and organizing a code sprint to get things going.

As we got useful feedback on the wireframes and feature list, we could continue with designing the desktop layouts. Mobile and tablet versions are still in progress. The design is based on the logo colours, which in turn are derived from the brand colours. We didn’t exclusively use the blue palette, we made the look warmer by introducing green hues. The design itself is minimalistic and to the point.

When we had the final designs, I organized a code sprint in Szeged (Hungary), where 10... Read more

by kalman.hosszu / 22 January, 2013

As the organizer of the Drupal User Group in Szeged (Hungary), I’ve been working on a design and distribution package that all Drupal User Groups regardless of language and location could use. It all started when we needed a website for the DUG in Szeged, as we didn’t have a place where members could find information and materials, where all previous presentations and demo files could be collected and made available. As I don’t like ugly websites without a concept, I thought a logo would be the first step that we could then build a design on. And if we are creating a logo, why not make it customizable? So I briefed the designer to use an open source font for the name of the city, so that Drupal User Groups in other cities could easily adapt the logo. This approach led me to the idea of... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 October, 2011

On 7 & 8 November I'll be attending DITA Europe in Prague. At the conference I'll be giving a talk on Strategies to Implement an Enterprise Social Platform with DITA Content. On the evening of the 8th I'll be doing a try-out of the talk I submitted for Drupalcon Denver: What we can learn from single sourcing in a multi-device world at a local Drupal User Group. And last but not least we are organizing a Drupal-DITA code sprint as part of the first openDITA code sprint on the 9th of November. If you are interested in documentation in Drupal, want to work with the enterprise standard for technical documentation, want to do stuff with Drupal and DITA or live not far from Prague and want to be part of a cool codesprint, you should definitely fill in the registration form and come over... Read more