by steve / 2 December, 2015

In this blog post series team members tell you about their experiences in writing web content. Read on to see what Steve had to say.

In this blog post I’d like to show you what I learned so far about content writing.

In the past few months I have been involved in a lot of writing related tasks at work. I have had to write newsletters, blog posts and content for different websites. As I’m a freelance journalist and critic, I thought creating content for the web wouldn’t be so hard. I was wrong. Writing content for the web is a whole other story with different rules compared to journalism.

3 Main Challenges

At the start I already faced the following:

People don’t read on the web: At least not with the same method as they read printed text. They just skim... Read more
by kvantomme / 21 December, 2008

Many people underestimate at first the difficulty of writing good copy for their site. But for a lot of web development projects late delivery of copy is the main reason for project delays. This article is an inlead to an article series in which I will walk through the 10 most used page types on biotech websites (see our whitepaper on biotech web development). In each article I will explain why you would use a certain page type and give you ideas/templates that you can work from. Writing good copy is hard for a number of reasons: -It defines your company: Especially for startups it can be hard to write the copy for a website. more so if you haven't worked out a business plan yet. In this case there is a big chance that you will be partially reinventing your company. What kind of... Read more