by denes / 23 November, 2010

We've published the first version of our DITA Integration module which allows to handle DITA documentations with Drupal. It's still being developed and we would not suggest to use on a live site, but as a proof of concept, it's ready for testing! For now, we have the following features:

You can upload dita tasks/concepts/documents. You can use graphmind to build a DITA map from your uploaded topics. You can convert your dita documentations into xhtml or pdf2, or you can download them in tar.gz You can schedule your conversions, and have them run on cron, or run them immediately with a simple command in command line. Create relation tables in the map with Drupal's taxonomy With the Simple Dita Forms submodule, you can build simple tasks and concepts with a form. With the DITA feeds... Read more