by kvantomme / 14 November, 2010

In this video I explain how an organization can use a 3-step architecture to involve all the stakeholders of the production process in the development of DITA documentation. The architecture adds a community portal both upstream and downstream of the documentation team. The upstream and downstream portals can plug into the existing tools and processes of the documentation team through the use of DITA documentation topics and maps. As a result more people are involved in the process without having to buy additional licenses of (expensive) specialized XML editors and/or CMS's.

by kvantomme / 14 November, 2010

Next video in the DITA documentation progress report series in which I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes, Tamas and Kornel. In this video you'll see:

A prototype of the documentation client and server that can be used for centralized documentation similar to how the localization server works. Poorman's DITA: A CCK form with the most important elements from the DITA topics (currently tasks and concepts) that is transformed into valid DITA XML DITA file upload: upload function for individual topics DITA folder import: a feeds extension that imports DITA topics from a folder in your Drupal installation Usability improvements on the DITA map export functionality: it's no longer required to use the command line interface to export maps. A short demo of the... Read more
by kvantomme / 18 October, 2010

In this video I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes and Tamas, who built a first implementation of a Drupal site that takes DITA topics and let's you add them in a mindmap interface to a DITAmap and than export them using the DITA Open Toolkit. This is a follow up on the blog posts I published a month ago: one with an interface mockup and the other post with a mindmap to ditamap conversion proposal.

by kvantomme / 23 September, 2010

In an earlier post I explained that Graphmind could be used as a tool for building ditamaps. In this post I'll explain how we could do a 1 to 1 translation of native .mm features to essential ditamap features. Graphmind is a Flex frontend that uses the Freemind .mm mindmap XML format. In it's current implementation it requires a Drupal backend (it uses Drupal services and expects node objects) but it is not unconceavable to generalize the API so that Graphmind could be used on top of other backends. Ditamaps are the backbone of a DITA documentation set and can be used to repackage part of a DITA documentation repository into a derivative documentation document (e.g. PDF, Windows help files, etc.). There is already an XSL document that transforms .mm into .ditamaps that implements the... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 September, 2010

In this video I explore a couple of tools and design decisions that we are making for the DITA documentation distribution we are building in Drupal. I talk about: -Translating DITA into a field structure -XML WYSIWYG editor -Bookmarklet for submission of related content -Building DITA maps in a drag & drop UI

by kvantomme / 19 August, 2010

The following is a part of a first proposal for the specification of the Documentation system we want to build as part of the modulecraft project. It is by no means complete, and it strongly needs your feedback. This is our first encounter with DITA and our ideas should really be proof checked by technical writers that have extensive experience using DITA. The actual specification is being built as a wiki at comments can be added here or you can edit the wiki directly any feedback will be incorporated into the wiki.


Several people from the community have indicated DITA as the ideal architecture for a new redesigned Drupal documentation. Darwin Information Type Architecture is an open XML standard curated by the Oasis consortium that was originally... Read more

by kvantomme / 30 July, 2010

This week we launched a fundraising tool that we want to use to raise interest, involvement and money for the development of a series of tools for Drupal professionals. Pure donation systems like chip-in have a pretty bad track record, but a donation/reward system has to our knowledge not yet been tried in the Drupal community. When you donate you will be contributing to the community AND getting something valuable in return.

We launched the platform with Documentation+, our first fundraising effort which primary aim is the development of a Documentation distro for Drupal.

For a couple of years now, people in the documentation team have been wanting to implement a DITA architecture for the documentation. DITA is an open standard managed that was... Read more