by kvantomme / 28 February, 2013

Today we launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (kind of like Kickstarter) for our automated walkthrough project. The goal of the project is to enable the Drupal community to play, edit and comment on automated walkthroughs. We want to make an open source toolchain that helps you create walkthroughs that are more interactive than video. With the campaign we hope we'll be able to raise the funds to launch the tool for the Drupal community and to make an extensive set of step by step tutorials for a distribution our backers choose and to launch, GitHub for automated tutorials.

As part of the campaign we will do a popular vote for the Drupal distribution, product or site, that our backers want us to document. If there is a Drupal distribution (e.g. Open Atrium,... Read more

by kvantomme / 28 November, 2010

This is a crosspost of the wiki I create at In February LeeHunter posted his wish list of features for "an awesome technical communication CMS". I've copied his list and processed the comments in the discussion and some of my own, and added our current status implementing these features and ideas of how any missing features could be implemented in the near future. I'm very much aware that in the coming months most documentation efforts will probably go into getting the documentation updated for Drupal 7, and it's strategically a bad idea to at the same time change from a freeform format to a structured documentation format, rebuild the infrastructure and do a mayor content update. Nothing prevents us however from dreaming up the ideal infrastructure... Read more

by kvantomme / 14 November, 2010

Next video in the DITA documentation progress report series in which I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes, Tamas and Kornel. In this video you'll see:

A prototype of the documentation client and server that can be used for centralized documentation similar to how the localization server works. Poorman's DITA: A CCK form with the most important elements from the DITA topics (currently tasks and concepts) that is transformed into valid DITA XML DITA file upload: upload function for individual topics DITA folder import: a feeds extension that imports DITA topics from a folder in your Drupal installation Usability improvements on the DITA map export functionality: it's no longer required to use the command line interface to export maps. A short demo of the... Read more