by kvantomme / 15 September, 2013

In 2007 at Drupalcon Barcelona I had this crazy idea: what if we organize Drupalcon in Hungary, maybe even in Szeged. I talked with Gabor about my idea and he became my partner in crime. That year there were no other proposals, and with some initial reluctance and a good deal of convincing by Gabor, the board of the DA decided to go along and let us organize Drupalcon Europe in 2008. The rest is history.

Organizing an event this size, is a lot of work and I don't remember much from the event itself. But after the dust settled, it turned out that a lot of people really liked Szeged. In fact, for years people have kept on telling me and Gabor how Szeged was the most awesome Drupalcon ever. The same people also kept asking when we would organize another event in Szeged. So when... Read more

by andrea / 27 June, 2013

As we announced in one of our previous blog posts, the Hungarian Drupal community is organizing Drupalaton, the first international drupalcamp at Lake Balaton, in Keszthely from 15 to 18 August 2013. The keynotes of the event were announced just a few days ago, a really exciting Drupal event is in the making!

If you would like to learn, discuss, collaborate and have lots of fun with the Drupal community, don’t hesitate, join the attendees here. How to travel to Keszthely, where to stay? Please visit our recommendations and book your hotel room in advance. Keynote speakers:

Robert Douglass, whose session title is ”Identify and seize the next Drupal opportunities” Kristof De Jaeger (Swentel) will give a presentation about “Configuration management in Drupal 8 Co-... Read more
by Lokos Kornel / 3 June, 2013

Frontend United (previously Drupal Design Camp) is a camp for Drupal based frontend developers. Three of us, Péter Csikós, frontend developer, Péter Marosi, designer and me, Kornél Lőkös, frontend developer visited this year’s event in London.

There was a spectacular range of sessions to choose from, with recurring themes about designing for mobile first, not using Photoshop, the advantages of building prototypes instead of wireframes and using web standards.

Pronovix was represented by our CEO, Kristof van Tomme, who spoke about Tours in Drupal 8 core and He gave an overview of the current state of the Tour module, its UI in core and contrib, and the plans to get Drupal 8 core UIs documented with tour tips. We also enjoyed the following sessions:

... Read more
by kalman.hosszu / 27 May, 2013

After turning Szeged into Drupaltown in 2008, the Hungarian Drupal community is taking it a step further by organizing Drupalaton, the longest drupalcamp in Europe so far. The event takes place from 15 to 18 August 2013, at the breathtaking shore of the biggest warm-water lake in Europe, at Lake Balaton in Hungary. Four days in perfect balance of work and leisure, sessions, sprints, beach sports, great food, world class wines, ultimate awesomeness day and night. The camp will give you the opportunity to attend a Drupal event and have a nice summer vacation at the same time. The location is suited for families as well, so don’t hesitate to bring your spouse and children. This post introduces the location and tourist attractions, but we will also have a post with information about the... Read more

by mmaczel / 23 January, 2013

Szeged’s startup community has just started to blossom: new tech companies are popping up, and initiatives like SzegedBoost, SzegedTech or the startup event series are organized in the city's new cultural and technological center, the Informatorium. Mid-December 2012, I attended the 1st Startup Event, where I witnessed a handful of fresh ideas turn into reality, and startup kids become real entrepreneurs. 

The attendees all agreed that starting a tech company to make money from one's ideas is one of the riskiest steps, even if it's fueled by enthusiasm. Surprisingly, they seemed to be very much aware that they first have to survive the Death Valley before a steady stream of revenues is established. No wonder that they could only name 3 Hungarian startups (Prezi, LogMeIn, UStream... Read more

by hairqles / 28 November, 2012

Each year the Hungarian community organizes Drupal Weekend: a 2-day Drupal camp in Hungarian, where people meet to share knowledge in form of presentations, case studies, code sprints and informal discussions.
This year’s Weekend was held on 24-25 November. Three of us, Dániel Kalmár, Róbert Kovács and me left for Budapest on Friday and although the official program only started on Saturday, we already had the chance to meet some of our fellow Drupal developers and start exchanging ideas.

On Saturday we could choose from an impressive list of presentations, these were some of our favourites:

Bálint Kléri: New in Drupal 8
During this session Balint walked us through each Drupal initiative, then briefly introduced the current status and the remaining work.... Read more

by kvantomme / 17 May, 2012

It seems like a lot is moving in Drupal for government, after Drupal got serious momentum when the White house launched their Drupal site the Drupal Government Days in Washington DC on 18 May, 2012, will be the third dedicated Drupal Government event.

Last year I (Kristof Van Tomme) helped to organize the Drupal Gov Days in Brussels, together with Ivo Radulovski (Segments, Austria) and Hanno Lans (Datascape, The Netherlands). We organized the event with the support of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Belgium (special kudos go to Bart Van Herreweghe who made it all possible), the Information and Communication Technology FPS (Fedict), the International Press Centre, and the Drupal Association.

We’ve been re-encoding the video’s from the conference and... Read more