by kvantomme / 14 November, 2010

Next video in the DITA documentation progress report series in which I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes, Tamas and Kornel. In this video you'll see:

A prototype of the documentation client and server that can be used for centralized documentation similar to how the localization server works. Poorman's DITA: A CCK form with the most important elements from the DITA topics (currently tasks and concepts) that is transformed into valid DITA XML DITA file upload: upload function for individual topics DITA folder import: a feeds extension that imports DITA topics from a folder in your Drupal installation Usability improvements on the DITA map export functionality: it's no longer required to use the command line interface to export maps. A short demo of the Views... Read more
by kvantomme / 18 October, 2010

In this video I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes and Tamas, who built a first implementation of a Drupal site that takes DITA topics and let's you add them in a mindmap interface to a DITAmap and than export them using the DITA Open Toolkit. This is a follow up on the blog posts I published a month ago: one with an interface mockup and the other post with a mindmap to ditamap conversion proposal.

by kvantomme / 23 September, 2010

In an earlier post I explained that Graphmind could be used as a tool for building ditamaps. In this post I'll explain how we could do a 1 to 1 translation of native .mm features to essential ditamap features. Graphmind is a Flex frontend that uses the Freemind .mm mindmap XML format. In it's current implementation it requires a Drupal backend (it uses Drupal services and expects node objects) but it is not unconceavable to generalize the API so that Graphmind could be used on top of other backends. Ditamaps are the backbone of a DITA documentation set and can be used to repackage part of a DITA documentation repository into a derivative documentation document (e.g. PDF, Windows help files, etc.). There is already an XSL document that transforms .mm into .ditamaps that implements the... Read more

by kvantomme / 25 November, 2009

Ever since Open Atrium went public we've been working on integrating our knowledge management features into it. Yesterday we cleared the final hurdle to get our stack into beta. In this screencast you'll see the following features/modules in action:

Knowledge trail Semantic WYSIYWYG editor Semantic filters/layers Faceted insert Graphmind

In the next months we want to wrap our features into a new distribution. Obviously this all still needs some clean up and it'll take us still a bit of time to finish the package. Somewhere early 2010 we'll start providing a hosted version of the distribution to make it's functionality accessible for people that want hassle free functionality upgrades or that don't have the knowledge/time to do security updates. We are not yet sure if we'll be... Read more

by kvantomme / 18 September, 2009

Today Peter activated his brand new Graphmind feature on our intranet/extranet that we built with Open Atrium. The feature adds: a tab to the features menu in group spaces; a view page with the mindmaps in the active group space and a button to create new mindmaps. The feature might be quite basic, but the possibilities are mind-boggling. Besides of the obvious use cases such as:

taking notes online sharing notes you made in Freemind collaborative brainstorms

Graphmind has great potential as a reporting tool. For example, you could use this to build a mindmap tree with the following elements: non-archived projects > open cases > assigned user. You could use this to make a quick mindmap from the projects you are managing, and then drag and drop the cases to set priorities... Read more

by kvantomme / 29 August, 2009

In February I wrote a blogpost on how Drupal Freemind 2.0 could be turned into a relational (semantic) data interface. So many months later we've abandoned the Java plugin in favour of a Flex plugin and with what result... After I shared my ideas on the project, our Flex/services guru, Peter Arato, started working last week on what has become the Graphmind project. It's a module that allows you to work with mindmaps in Drupal that are compatible with Freemind. With building mindmaps I mean full CRUD, you can:

create a mindmap node from scratch paste an existing .mm mindmap do CRUD on the nodes in the mindmap (yes that's namespace collision, but we can't help it)

But it is much more than a mindmap tool: the module integrates with Drupal services.

it can render any view into... Read more
by kvantomme / 17 February, 2009

As a passionate fan of mindmapping I've grown accustomed to mindmaps as a data visualization tool. Mindmap user interfaces allow you to organize your ideas into hierarchical bundles of 6-7 concepts in collapsible groups and then drill down in a logical relationship tree. This is very close to how a human brain works. There is a Freemind module for Drupal 4.7 with which it was possible to show taxonomies in a mindmap display. This is in it's own right an interesting module but it could be a lot more useful if you could interact with this mindmap. At least we should be able to mirror manipulations that are possible in a Freemind .mm mindmap. Such as reorganizing of freemind nodes, creation, updating and deletion of freemind nodes. The real power however you would get if you could... Read more

by kvantomme / 10 December, 2008

A couple of days ago I published a blog post on getting things done in Freemind using the new attribute and filter features in Freemind 0.9.x. Back then I promised that I would post a screencast if there was sufficient interest in the subject. Quite a few people visited the article and David and Mark commented that they would be interested in a screencast, so I obliged ;) I know that the quality of the embedded video is not that great, but if you go to our Youtube channel you can watch the movie in higher quality: Look for the hyperlink on the right under the movie window. One last thing I didn't mention in the movie: if you want to work extensively with Freemind attributes you should definitely create a couple of keyboard shortcuts. Under tools>preferences>keystrokes you will... Read more

by kvantomme / 6 December, 2008

This article is about mindmapping and time management. It is an introduction to the new attribute feature in Freemind 0.9.x Beta, an open source mindmapping tool, and how you can use it to "get things done". I am a great fan of mindmapping. When a new colleague joins our team, I always ask them to keep track of the project briefings/feedback I give in a mindmap. It lets you capture ideas, reorder them and then structure them into tangible actions. It's especially useful for making notes in meetings and it allows you to structure your ideas before you capture them in a project management tool. I'm also a great fan of David Allen's "getting things done" (GTD) time management methodology. However so far I couldn't find a GTD system that worked for me: I tried paper based, but I hated... Read more