by kvantomme / 21 October, 2019

Meet Pronovix in London, where we co-organize the next Write The Docs meetup.

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This time the meetup is dedicated to 3 topics:

localization & writing docs for multiple audiences graphics & graphic tools for writers Google's new "train-the-trainer" tech writing courses See you in London!

by kvantomme / 21 June, 2019

Meet us in London, where we attend the next Write the Docs meetup at Google's Lala Library.

RSVP to the event Preliminary schedule

18:00 Doors open
18:00-18:45 Networking
18:45-19:00 Introduction
19:00-19:30 Jen Lambourne on how the UK gov adopted docs as code (WTD Prague talk preview)
19:30-19:45 Break
19:45-20:15 James Scott on the art of error messages
20:15-21:00 Lightning talks & Networking
21:00 Doors close

Summary of James Scott's talk

Error messages are so small and innocuous, engineers don't always give them the care and attention they deserve. If you get your error messaging wrong, it can not only lead to poor user experience, customer frustration, low product satisfaction, and in worst... Read more

by kvantomme / 6 February, 2019

Meet us in London at this year's second Write the Docs meetup, which will focus on documentation accessibility

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Documentation is a vital channel for conveying information to users effectively, but users with disabilities face challenges in accessing it. How can we make documentation more accessible? What are the basic accessibility factors? What are the tools we can consider? Any core steps and standards to follow regardless of document format?

Apply to be a Speaker

We're looking for volunteers who can share their work on documentation accessibility. Contact us via Write The Docs Slack (#london channel) - ping @kvantomme, @benjamin or @ddbeck.
Both lightning and full-length talks are welcome!


Google UK... Read more

by kvantomme / 16 January, 2019

The Write the Docs London meetup group is excited to welcome Sarah Maddox (Google) to its next meetup. She'll be presenting a talk about Open Source and Technical Writing.

RSVP to the event About the talk

Open source is great. Some of the world’s most-used software is open source: the Linux operating system, Firefox web browser, LibreOffice, Apache web server, to name but a few well-known brands. Large companies like Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, and IBM contribute to as well as use open source code. Open source ideology is great too. People share code in public repositories, collaborate on making the code better, invite others to join their communities… and all too often, expect those newcomers to understand the product, the code, and the community’s... Read more

by katalin.fogas / 16 January, 2019

Meet the API The Docs team in Tokyo, where they organize an API docs meetup with Rakuten, Moongift and the All About APIs Japan meetup group.

Visit the event page Venue

Pivotal Labs
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 20F
6-10-1 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-6120


The meetup team is working on the schedule now. Speakers list & agenda will be published soon, stay tuned!

by katalin.fogas / 13 August, 2018

Meet us in Amsterdam, where Pronovix is starting a new session series called API Leadership Mastermind.

About API Leadership Mastermind

To be successful, an API initiative needs a lot more than code. That's why Pronovix is starting an API Leadership Mastermind session series in the Netherlands this October that brings API product owners and API team leads together to discuss and brainstorm about their API initiatives and strategy. We invite max. 10 API initiative leaders, who are selected to be complimentary to each other's business needs. The sessions will give an excellent opportunity to talk frankly to a group of peers without having to worry about competition, and they are organized under the Chatham House Rule.

Opening session

The opening... Read more

by kvantomme / 6 March, 2018

Meet Kristof in London, where he will attend a Write the Docs meetup about how to develop and manage your career in documentation.


Writing technical documentation is so much more than just writing. There is a wide variety of tools, skills and experience required for different roles and these requirements vary not just by job, but also change over time. As documentarians, we often have to take responsibility for our own development and learning. At this day-long conference, organised in collaboration with GDS, we will hear from those who have gained new skills, and discuss how to manage and develop your career in documentation.


09:30 - 10:00 Arrive and sign in

10:00 - 10:15 Introduction

10:15 - 10:45 What... Read more

by laura / 23 February, 2017

The UK kernel of the Write The Docs community together with the Government Digital Service held a one-day mini conference on the practice of agile documentation.

In his presentation Rob Woodgate gave us a half-hour distillation of his insights on where technical documentation stands with agile development methods. He wrote several articles in the past years on the mythical nature of the multi-talented developers, around the definition of done and the situation of doc writers in a scrum development team.

"I've seen very few teams that are actually agile, where everyone is able to work on stuff all in the same time, where you get up and down in that circular effect. It does tend to be a series of mini-waterfalls."

In theory, everyone in the scrum team pitches... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 February, 2016

The first week of March I will be in London for 3 events related to documentation, APIs and Drupal Developer portals. If you are working on an API documentation project, you should not miss this opportunity:

I Love APIs - Wednesday March 2nd

A one day event organised by Apigee. "I love APIs Europe brings together European digital leaders who will share their strategies and lessons learned, combined with hands-on educational sessions led by the world's most experienced API Ninjas."

Buy your ticket here

Developer Portals in Drupal - Thursday March 3rd

A free half day workshop about Drupal Developer Portals with Apigee (whose Developer Portal is built in Drupal). On the agenda:

What is Drupal and why is it a good platform for Developer Portals (Kristof Van... Read more
by hairqles / 28 November, 2012

Each year the Hungarian community organizes Drupal Weekend: a 2-day Drupal camp in Hungarian, where people meet to share knowledge in form of presentations, case studies, code sprints and informal discussions.
This year’s Weekend was held on 24-25 November. Three of us, Dániel Kalmár, Róbert Kovács and me left for Budapest on Friday and although the official program only started on Saturday, we already had the chance to meet some of our fellow Drupal developers and start exchanging ideas.

On Saturday we could choose from an impressive list of presentations, these were some of our favourites:

Bálint Kléri: New in Drupal 8
During this session Balint walked us through each Drupal initiative, then briefly introduced the current status and the remaining work.... Read more