by kvantomme / 1 February, 2011

Help us improve the documentation tools in Drupal and get to own a Mr. Fivestar T-shirt

This weekend at the Drupal Developer Days in Brussels, I'm giving a presentation about documentation systems for/in Drupal. The main focus of the presentation will be different new technologies that we've been working on to improve Drupal's documentation technology stack. We believe that these could revolutionize the way we do documentation for Drupal projects and at the same time open up a new market for our favorite CMS.

To test the relevancy of my recommendations for the community, I've put together a questionnaire of which the results should help us better understand your needs and priorities. To make it even more worth your while, we are giving away Mr T-shirts to people that... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 August, 2010

For Drupalcon Copenhagen we are doing a special action for the early bird modulecraft donors. The first 50 donors that donate 30 or more EUR (pick any of the packages except the 10 EUR package) will receive a Mr Fivestar T-shirt on top of their normal reward. If you attend Drupalcon you'll be able to get your hands on part of your reward early. Just come to show me the confirmation of your order from the ubercart shop and I'll give you your T-shirt. If you are not attending, we'll send you your shirt together with the rest of your reward.

Donate here to get your shirt.

by kvantomme / 10 August, 2010

Now that Drupal 7 is peeping around the corner, it's time to look back with pride at all the great websites we built collectively. We all know tons of great sites that run on Drupal 6 but we not always know the members of our community that built them. With the "25 most awesome Drupal 6 sites awards" we want to shine a light on these little known facts and put details about the functionality that drives these projects and the names of the organizations or individuals that built them on a Drupal card. Everyone is free to nominate as many sites as they want. To do so just

Upload a screenshot Add a short explanation of who built the site and what is special about it Spread the news about your site's nomination and get people to vote on it

If your site(s) win, it will be featured... Read more

by Coornail / 5 August, 2010

Fingerprint is part of ModuleCraft. A project we started to raise awareness and funds for a set of awesome Drupal tools for the community. If you haven't heard about it go check it out. To show you that we have the determination and the knowledge to go trough with all our promises, we already started developing some of the tools. The first wave was the Cardgame, and now here's the second: For some time now we have the ability to represent some of Drupal's settings in code with Features. As time goes by, more and more modules integrate the necessary hooks and get all the advantages of being exportable. We saw in this the ideal tool to make a configuration dump for Drupal, a bit like the crash report with all the settings that you can get from most desktop software. But fingerprint is... Read more

by kvantomme / 30 July, 2010

This week we launched a fundraising tool that we want to use to raise interest, involvement and money for the development of a series of tools for Drupal professionals. Pure donation systems like chip-in have a pretty bad track record, but a donation/reward system has to our knowledge not yet been tried in the Drupal community. When you donate you will be contributing to the community AND getting something valuable in return.

We launched the platform with Documentation+, our first fundraising effort which primary aim is the development of a Documentation distro for Drupal.

For a couple of years now, people in the documentation team have been wanting to implement a DITA architecture for the documentation. DITA is an open standard managed that was... Read more