by kathleen / 21 October, 2016
The onboarding page, a crucial component for developer portals

Developer experience on first contact is arguably the single most important job of a developer portal. In some cases your API might only have a few minutes to hook a developer, if it isn’t immediately clear where developers can start their integration efforts, they might leave and never come back. This is why onboarding pages are so important. In this article we’ll list the various roles onboarding pages need to fulfill. We’ll also explore how the developer portals we reviewed expose them and how they are labeled.

Different onboarding for different audiences

Depending on the objective and the prior experience of a user, an onboarding page needs to fulfill 3 different roles:

Evaluate: Help developers and... Read more
by kata / 19 July, 2016

Why is it so hard to register API keys on developer portals? Why is it so time-consuming to get started with an API?

To answer these user questions, we need to understand that there are two opposite intentions about running developer portals. On one hand, every developer portal aims to delight developers with a great product experience and to convince them to register as early as possible. The goal is to reach high conversion rates. On the other hand, companies want only trustworthy people to use their products, they want to avoid misuse. Such security considerations often lead to a painful registration procedure.

If you want to provide a better developer experience (DX) on your portal, you need to understand what makes developers like your portal. As a first... Read more

by kvantomme / 11 August, 2014

In open source, something magical happens when like-minded people meet. You find out somebody else is dealing with a similar problem, you combine ideas and before you know it an ad hoc working group has formed to fix the problem. It's a public secret that at Drupalcon the good stuff happens in the BOF sessions.

As the Drupal community has grown we've seen new community events spring up that catered to whole groups of people that before weren't able to meet and talk:

The Drupal Developer Days: a hack fest that has become more and more defined as one of the best opportunities to be part of an epic code sprint. The Drupal CXO days: a 2-day in depth peer-to-peer networking and knowledge exchange event where the owners and managers of Drupal consultancies share their experiences... Read more
by kata / 2 August, 2013

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to share with you that I unlocked a new achievement: “Member of the Pronovix tribe”!

As the first community manager of the company, I will face a lot of interesting and inspiring challenges. I will be working closely with the WalkHub community in the project. I think together we can build an awesome community of self-learners. I also hope I will be able to contribute a less represented viewpoint to the Drupal community about how gamification could be a useful tool instead of being a trivial concept. I’m also really excited to join the Pronovix team. I’ve known the team for a while now and I found out a long time ago how everybody feels at home in this friendly atmosphere. Pronovix gives us the opportunity to shape our jobs so that... Read more

by peter.marosi / 18 April, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I’m Peter, a new tribe member at Pronovix. Starting at a new company is always really exciting: you want to fit in, meet high expectations and show what you are capable of. As for myself, I try to learn something new every day, be it unfamiliar techniques or cutting-edge design approaches. I’m working as a designer, themer and do all the related fancy stuff. I make sketches, icons, mockups, branding, layouts, and code themes for ongoing and upcoming projects. My aim is to deliver the best solutions with the latest technologies. I’ve started using open source CMS’s more than 6 years ago, but I’ve never met Drupal before. I just realized that I’ve been missing out on a completely new world full of power. Before I arrived I used LESS, now I started using SASS to... Read more

by zsofi / 12 April, 2013

Hi, I'm Zsófi, a new tribe member at Pronovix. I thought I could drop a short intro about who I am and what I'm going to do here at the company. I'm working as a project and product manager, which is basically the sum up of my previous job experiences. I graduated as institutional communicator in 2009 from the University of Szeged and I’ve been working in the IT industry since then. First I gained experience as an account manager for international web development projects, and later I also spent some time with product management. In my spare time I'm a startup enthusiast and the communication manager of SzegedBoost, the city's startupper community. Starting a new job is always really exciting, and I feel extremely lucky as I knew almost everybody in the team from IT events, so it’s... Read more

by diana / 30 November, 2012

Hello, I’m Diana, a new member of the Pronovix tribe.

As I found the company to be unique in many aspects, I would like to offer some glimpses into how things are going around here. This post is about the steps I went through before I got hired. I think it can be useful for future applicants and everyone looking for new ways to customize the hiring process to find the best fits for a company.

I applied for the technical writer position, and went through three rounds of interviews with the company’s owners on Skype. Preparing for a Skype interview is a bit different from preparing for a live introduction. I spent most of my preparation time setting up the lighting in my living room, as the light of the ceiling lamp doesn’t do me justice over camera. I also had to pay... Read more