by kvantomme / 17 February, 2009

As a passionate fan of mindmapping I've grown accustomed to mindmaps as a data visualization tool. Mindmap user interfaces allow you to organize your ideas into hierarchical bundles of 6-7 concepts in collapsible groups and then drill down in a logical relationship tree. This is very close to how a human brain works. There is a Freemind module for Drupal 4.7 with which it was possible to show taxonomies in a mindmap display. This is in it's own right an interesting module but it could be a lot more useful if you could interact with this mindmap. At least we should be able to mirror manipulations that are possible in a Freemind .mm mindmap. Such as reorganizing of freemind nodes, creation, updating and deletion of freemind nodes. The real power however you would get if you could... Read more