by kathleen / 2 November, 2016
Guides and tutorials: documentation for differently skilled developers

If the primary function of a developer portal’s onboarding page is to help developers self-select their knowledge level and to create an expectation of learning, then the function of the guides and tutorial pages that are linked from an onboarding page is to fulfill this expectation: to design an experience that will be as close as possible to the learning requirements of key audience segments.

In this post, we will explore how the sites we reviewed included guides and tutorials in their information architecture, we’ll look at what they covered, and finish with listing what could help to maximize their effectiveness.

Sharing theoretical and practical knowledge

Guides and tutorials are not always... Read more

by diana / 29 December, 2015

Using Watch and Learn’s video series as a foundation, we built a learning path on Outlearn for front-end developers who’d like to get into theming Drupal 8 sites.

The learning path walks you through creating a Drupal 8 theme from installing Drupal to setting up layouts, views, taxonomy and regions. We extended the original video series with pointers to lessons on using base themes, building a theme from scratch and utilizing frameworks, so that you can get a deeper understanding of developing themes in Drupal. We also made some learning objectives explicit from the videos to help you track your progress.

To get the most out of this path you should have some knowledge in front-end development. Some Drupal 7 theming experience will also help you better understand the... Read more

by diana / 22 December, 2015

A few months ago OSTraining did a crowdfunding campaign. Their goal was to develop Drupal 8 introductory videos that would then be made available for free on Youtube. With the funding goal exceeded, the result was a great series of videos. We packaged them into a learning path for Drupal 8 site builders and extracted some learning objectives to make it easy to track your progress with the materials.

Drupal 8 has been heralded as the site builder release, as it introduces a better authoring experience, powerful customizations, more authoring features in core and a commitment to accessibility, all of which empower site builders to boldly go where no site builder has gone before.

When we were thinking about the best content for helping site builders get acquainted with... Read more

by diana / 16 December, 2015

To make it easier to process the continuous flow of Drupal 8 content, we reviewed all the articles, videos, and tutorials we could get our hands on, and condensed the best of them into learning paths (a sort of customized playlists). To do so we used Outlearn, a new learning system for developers. Outlearn makes it easy to assemble articles into paths and set learning objectives for yourself or your team. We hope this will make it easier to get familiar with Drupal 8, whether you are a developer, site builder or themer.

What’s in this series?

In the first batch of Drupal 8 tutorials and articles, we prepared learning paths for three different roles:

Site builders Themers Developers Learning path for Drupal 8 developers

We created our first... Read more

by diana / 29 April, 2014

When we started developing WalkHub based on the initial idea of a step by step, GPS-like online tutorial, we had to think about features, workflow and all the bits and pieces that can make a product awesome or awful (we are aiming for awesome).

Cognitive load and user experience started popping up in conversations about features, and we generally agreed they were important, but we couldn’t fathom just how important they were until reading up on the effects of cognitive overload and hiring a community manager with a psychology degree.

Then we realized we needed to know more of this topic in order to design a product that doesn’t increase the cognitive load of its users. This is what we’ve learned:

Cognitive load on the Internet

By definition, cognitive load is... Read more

by kvantomme / 16 May, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Commerce Kickstart has won the Walkthrough documentation prize. The prize, which was determined by votes from backers, will use the Commerce Kickstart Drupal distribution to showcase the capabilities of

Commerce Kickstart is the quickest way to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. The distribution provides everything to create a fully-featured demo store out of the box, complete with theme, catalog, and custom back office interface.

By adding, Commerce Kickstart users will now be able to take step-by-step tours through various workflows. So not only will they have a fully-functioning online store, they will be able to handle a broad range of administration and customization tasks with step... Read more

by kvantomme / 30 April, 2013

About a week ago our fundraising campaign on indiegogo finished with a total of 11'567$ raised from a total of 49 sponsors. The public count doesn't include a donation that we got from Acquia on the day the campaign closed that couldn't be transferred anymore through IndieGoGo because of authorization issues with Paypal. I would like to thank our sponsors, all the people that believed in us and the project and who became a backer. Your vote of confidence was crucial to show the world just how much potential this project has. You were there for us right at the start, we won't forget. I would like to make a special mention of INTRASOFT Intl Labs that jumped through a lot of hoops to be able to donate the 5'000$ that first got us beyond our target (any donation above 500$ requires you to... Read more

by kvantomme / 19 April, 2013

The IndieGoGo campaign closes at midnight today. There is only a few hours left to show your support for your favorite distribution. The distribution with the most votes from people that also made a donation on our IndieGoGo campaign will win the documentation prize: an extensive set of Walkthrough tutorials that documents the use of the distribution. But every vote counts: any distribution with at least 2 votes will be included when our free iPad app, “this is Drupal”, launches. At the moment it looks like Commerce Kickstart is winning the documentation prize with 4 votes from backers. But Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate), Drupal Commons and Local Baha'i Community Website Incubator are following on a narrow 2nd place with 3 votes from their backers. The following... Read more

by kvantomme / 18 April, 2013

We are going to launch a free 'this is Drupal' iPad app with a set of introductory Walkthroughs for the most popular Drupal distributions to thank our sponsors for supporting our project. Want to make sure your favorite distribution ends up on the app? Cast your vote at our website. So far the fundraising campaign for has been a great success. We've already raised 20% more than our original target from a total of 38 backers. With less than 40 hours to go, this is your last chance to become a backer of the project. For as little as 1$ you could go into history as one of the people that helped revolutionize the way we do documentation in Drupal and help decide what distribution will win the big prize and get documented as part of the initial project. Approximately a month... Read more

by kvantomme / 15 March, 2013

We want to open source the backend for and turn it into an open source Drupal distribution that makes it really simple to start your own WalkHub where people can create and collaborate on interactive tutorials for software that runs in a browser. Yesterday I blogged about the YAML export we want to create for Tour module, together with the open source backend we believe this project could become a key addition to your Drupal project toolset, especially for Drupal 8. At Drupalcamp London I was happily surprised how everyone I talked with was unanimously excited about the project. What was even more inspiring was that every second person I talked with, had some new interesting idea of how they want to use the project (e.g. testing documentation to see if it's still up to... Read more