by steve / 27 July, 2017

On the Write The Docs London meetup in January speakers from leading Git code repositories talked about how their teams dogfood their own tools to do their documentation. Version the Docs covered Bitbucket and GitLab, but we missed a GitHub presentation. To fill this gap, we interviewed Anne Gentle about GitHub, treating docs like code, and community contributions to documentation.

Hi Anne, could you please introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Anne Gentle: Hi, I’m Anne Gentle and I live in Austin Texas with my family. I work as a product manager at Cisco, on a private cloud offering based on OpenStack, a collection of open source projects that run cloud services. My goals are to provide customer success journeys as they move workloads to the cloud, through... Read more

by kvantomme / 21 April, 2016

The video recordings of the lectures held on the Documenting APIs mini-conference are now available on our dedicated event page.

On March 4, 2016 we helped organise a special whole-day meetup in London on the Write The Docs conference, in which the community discussed the tools and processes used to document APIs.

We recorded the sessions, mashed them up with tweets and summaries and published them.

On the page you will find the following content:

James Stewart, Director of Technical Architecture at GDS: Intro and welcome to GDS Rosalie Marshall, Tech Author at GDS: Understanding the needs of API documentation users Ellis Pratt, Technical Communicator and director at Cherryleaf: Aye, Aye, API - What makes Technical Communicators uneasy about API... Read more