Walkthrough tutorials designed for web applications and websites.
Add a record button and help center to your web application.
Save time
Creating guided tours with WalkHub is fast and easy. Click through a page, add instructions to balloons and you’re good to go.
Reduce costs
Walkthroughs help users accomplish tasks. Add them to your FAQ or knowledge base to help your users through tasks they struggle with.
Free & Open Source
WalkHub is Open Source. You choose: run your own WalkHub, host public Walkthroughs for free, or pay for premium private Walkthroughs.

What are guided tours, Walkthroughs and WalkHub?

Guided tours efficiently walk users through complex web interfaces. WalkHub lets you create Walkthroughs (interactive guided tours) easily: no programming knowledge required. Simply click through a website and add the descriptions for each step. Guided tours reduce cognitive load. Walkthroughs are designed to make it dead simple to accomplish tasks without confusion and frustration.

Why use walkthroughs?

  • It helps your customers find important information.
  • It saves on support costs by adding Walkthroughs to your FAQ or knowledge base.
  • It increases usability.
  • It can train employees and saves on training costs.
  • It could onboard new users, customers or employees.
  • It channels visitors through your help section.

How to use walkthroughs?

You can use WalkHub from 2 perspectives.

Plan, Document, Play : This is for those who'd like to add walkthroughs to their user guide, knowledge base or a training material. It could be easily used by your users via the ‘Get Help’ button.

Record and Play : Think about testing your site and unfortunately you bump into an issue which is hard to explain but easy to show. Simply click it through and send it to the person you’d like to show.

The good thing in both processes that they are fast to create and easy to use.

How does it work?

WalkHub consists of 2 components:

  • A Javascript frontend that records and plays Walkthroughs. It appears on your site as a 'Record' button and a 'Get Help' . To add WalkHub to a web application, you only need to add the code snippet from the below embed code generator.
  • A lightweight backend built in Go with a PostgreSQL database that stores Walkthroughs centrally. We’ve got a Docker image to make it as simple as possible to get started, in case you prefer running your own WalkHub.

For the community by the community

The WalkHub history

We started the WalkHub project in the beginning of 2013 with the goal of creating an open source walkthrough solution, at first, for the Drupal community. So we began a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and finished with a total of $11,577.00 contributed from a total of 49 sponsors. Raising an amount 230% above and beyond our fundraising goal. It was an overwhelming response from the community.

As promised we developed the tool and after a few community events we realised that it would be great to organise events around documentation. Therefore we set the second campaign with the goal of building a community that would create the ultimate user guide for the entire Internet. We wanted to organize one or several events where community members of different open source tools could work together to create a collection of free and open tutorials that work on their web applications. Although this campaign didn’t reach its fundraising goal we’ve worked on a number of activities to try to build the community outcome we envisioned.

One of the key feedback we received from people was that it was still too complex to start recording Walkthroughs. Installing your own WalkHub instance was an even larger undertaking. Many people also complained that they would never be able to justify maintaining a Drupal site for Walkthrough management. In response we refactored WalkHub from a feature rich Drupal distribution into a microservice written in Go .

In our first Go release, the help center is a WalkHub only thing, but we are about to change this to allow you to make any type of web resource available from an in-app help center.

WalkHub documentation session - Drupal Dev Day Szeged 2014

Free, Open Source or Subscription

WalkHub follows the same model as GitHub and Wordpress:

The WalkHub technology is Open Source

Anyone can use the recording and playing technology, independently from WalkHub.net. We believe this technology is too important to be owned by any one organisation alone; we want to create an open standard and set it free so that the internet will become a better documented place.

You can use WalkHub.net for Free

We will host for free any content you create that others can freely inspect and reuse. We want to make it as easy as possible for open source projects to use WalkHub, there should be no barriers to getting you started.

We fund development and the free hosting from paying Subscriptions

If you don’t want your Walkthroughs to be public you can either run your own WalkHub or pay us for a premium subscription. In time we will develop features that will help us grow WalkHub.net into a documentation hub for the internet. Some of these features we will not open source. We think a sustainable competitive community service is the best way to complement future fundraising efforts to make the project self-sustaining.

Try WalkHub now!

Submit the form to generate an embed code. Your website URL is required, add your email address to receive important updates about the project. WalkHub currently only supports http. Contact us if you'd like to use WalkHub on a secure site.


Want to get in touch to discuss a collaboration opportunity? You've found a bug, or want to give us feedback?
Send us a mail at walkhub@pronovix.com or get in touch with our community manager Kata at kata@pronovix.com .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add WalkHub to my site? - Record button and Help Center

  1. Generate your embed code to record and play Walkthroughs.
  2. Embed the code into your site so that it will be rendered on every page.
  3. Record button and Help Center will appear on the site.
  4. Click on the record button.
  5. Register for WalkHub with your google account.
  6. Start recording Walkthroughs.

How to record Walkthroughs?

  1. Navigate to the page where you'd like to start your Walkthrough.
  2. Click on the record button.
  3. Click through the page(s).
  4. Click on 'Finish&Save'.
  5. Open it OR copy the link of your walkthrough OR go Back to create a new Walkthrough.

What is 'Help Center' and how can I use it?

Help Center is the list of Walkthroughs previously created on your site. It appears as a question mark on your site. When you click on it you will see a list of Walkthroughs. By default the Help Center shows all Walkthroughs for your site's domain. If you would like to create different lists with subsets of Walkthroughs for different pages or different types of users, check the 'How to create an advanced list?' topic.

How to play walkthroughs?

  1. Start walkthough from the 'Help Center' or use the link of the Walkthrough.
  2. Click on the play button.
  3. Click on 'next' and enjoy!

How to embed a Walkthrough into my site?

  1. Visit the edit form of the Walkthrough by clicking on the edit button in the Help Center.
  2. Copy the embed code and add the play button for a Walkthrough anywhere on your site.