We strive to be more than just a professional software development firm; we invest significant energy in developing client partnerships which enable our clients to manage and maintain their sites independently. This Pronovix mindset shows through as well in the way that we foster and contribute to the Drupal community. We strongly believe that success is best reached through cooperation and sharing, an approach that we take both with our clients and with the entire open source world. We operate internationally, with clients around the world and company members and partners based throughout Europe, but mostly in Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

Technological leadership

We are active in product innovation and development, and have considerable experience in open source software services. We have proved our software engineering proficiency in high priority projects for clients such as Acquia, Brightcove, Datasift and the Economist. We are excited by technological challenges, projects that push the normal limits of the web and require the latest insights as well as creative concepts. Our goal is to build steady solutions which offer real value to the actual users. We love Drupal for the high value it provides to our clients. Drupal is continuously proving its robustness and reliability as an ideal platform for enterprise-grade sites, for example at whitehouse.gov, mtv.co.uk, ubuntu.com and intel.com. We actively contribute to Drupal’s technological growth through coding contributions and community involvement, helping to further improve Drupal’s growing ecosystem.  

Empowering partnerships

In addition to providing top quality technology solutions, we solve our client projects in a way that builds trust and loyalty, establishing a long term relationship with our customers. For our clients, we want to become a valuable partner, rather than a simple supplier. We use agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, which allow our clients to get a better insight in the development process and ensure a more matched product delivery as well as time and cost efficiency. Integrity is a trait that we consider key to success; we search for the most effective and efficient solutions that let us make the most robust final products possible, guaranteeing our clients and their end-users maximum independence regarding ongoing site management and site maintenance. We aim to enable and educate our clients, so that they can gain more control over their web-properties.

Community engagement

Pronovix members are all dedicated to the underlying concepts of Open Source Software (OSS): adding value, ensuring that clients are never locked into a single vendor, contributing back in code as well as in fostering its ecosystem. A fundamental part of the Open Source movement is the importance of the community around the software. Drupal has one of the most vibrant, active communities of any OSS projects in the world, with hundreds of thousands of developers, community meetups happening every week around the world and astounding level of developer contribution to the core and contributed projects. Pronovix has been active in this community for over five years now. Our co-founder, Kristof Van Tomme is a permanent member of the Board of Advisors of the Drupal Association. In this position he has helped to organize many of the European Drupalcons as well as initiated and (co-)lead several international conferences. Our team members teach accredited courses at a Hungarian University, along with managing well known local tech meetups, such as Szegedtech.

Pronovix is a Drupal web development company that focuses on building web systems that are carefully fit to our clients needs, which provide high value both to our clients and their customers. Our goal is to establish meaningful long-term client relationships as a trusted web partner.