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API Resilience Podcast

We believe that digital transformation efforts make companies and communities more resilient. In the API Resilience podcast you'll listen to guests from industry leading API teams sharing their views about the current trends of the API economy. We also bring you insights that your API team will be able to use, and even explain to your management on how APIs can help your company cope, resurge, and thrive during and after this pandemic. The host is Kristof Van Tomme, CEO & co-founder of Pronovix.

21 November, 2023

What does “good” look like to you? - Conversation with Chris McDermott, Part 2

The final installment of the Complexity series ends this collection of interviews on a high note. In this episode, we dive deeper into the practical application of social practice theory, the optimization of transformative processes, and the value of maturity with the help of our guest, Chris McDermott (Lean Agile Coach & Principal Consultant at Contextualise) and hosts Kristof van Tomme (CEO and co-founder at Pronovix) and Marc Burgauer (Principal Consultant and Co-founder at Contextualise). 


09 November, 2023

How can social sciences benefit software developers? - Conversation with Chris McDermott Part 1


Chris McDermott explains how he helps leaders navigate uncertainty through honest conversations, how a social science lens can benefit software development teams, and why context matters when we’re adapting practices.


28 September, 2023

The revolution of composability - A conversation with John Doyle and Henk Beld

In this time of ever changing demands, it is more important than ever to remain flexible and react swiftly to change. In this episode, John Doyle (CEO at Digital Polygon) and Henk Beld (Solutions Architect at explain how composability can help you break down monoliths into smaller, interchangeable components that allow you to keep up with rapid transformations.


05 September, 2023

Emerging trends in the open banking landscape - A conversation with Jorgos Tsovilis and Thorben Peter

Innopay's Open Banking Monitor offers a valuable and unique insight into banking APIs on a global scale. In this episode, Jorgos Tsovilis (Senior Consultant) and Thorben Peter (Junior Consultant) explain the evaluation process behind the monitor and share their thoughts on current and emerging trends in the open banking space.

25 October, 2022

A superior technology doesn’t mean success - Interview with Dawn Ahukanna, part 2

We continue our talk with Dawn Ahukanna (Design Principal and Front-End Architect at IBM). She points out the importance of variability and sheds light on what makes an API successful.

19 October, 2022

Mixing desk versus three buttons: what is the right thing for your audience? - Conversation with Dawn Ahukanna, part 1

We talk with Dawn Ahukanna about why it is essential to acknowledge the whole spectrum instead of the pieces and how it can help if one keeps in mind the end and works backwards.


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