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API Resilience Podcast

We believe that digital transformation efforts make companies and communities more resilient. In the API Resilience podcast you'll listen to guests from industry leading API teams sharing their views about the current trends of the API economy. We also bring you insights that your API team will be able to use, and even explain to your management on how APIs can help your company cope, resurge, and thrive during and after this pandemic. The host is Kristof Van Tomme, CEO & co-founder of Pronovix.

APIs as Utilities - Conversation with Alicia Miller and Joshua Markham

In this episode, Kristof Van Tomme is joined by Alicia Miller and Joshua Markham (Verizon), and they explore the concept of APIs as utilities, what it means to approach APIs with a utility mindset, as well as the future of applications in the age of LLMs.

Constructive criticality: the intersection of residuality theory and business strategy - Discussion with Barry O’Reilly

The key to successful architecture isn’t the beautiful design with the perfect abstractions; it is more about knowing what can go wrong and where the fragile areas are. In this episode, Barry O’Reilly (Founder at Black Tulip Technology) shares his experience as an architect with Kristof Van Tomme and points out how residuality theory can help us better understand our industry. 


The technical and social contracts of APIs - Discussion with Marsh Gardiner

The way we think about the future of APIs can take many different forms. In this episode, Marsh Gardiner and Kristof Van Tomme approach the subject from several angles.

Boundaries and interfaces - Conversation with Koichi Shiroma

In this episode, Koichi Shiroma (Principal Consultant) narrates his journey of how his team implemented an interface portal. With Kristof Van Tomme, they discuss what can be the business drivers for interface portals and what obstacles one has to overcome during the implementation.

Complex systems, generative AI and affordance-centric APIs - Conversation with Michael Hibay and Mike Amundsen

In this episode, Michael Hibay (API Platform Architect at WSFS Bank) and Mike Amundsen (Amundsen,com, Inc.) deep dive into the topic of hypermedia, complex systems, Domain Driven Design, and generative AI. They explore the questions of what hypermedia API is, what an API affordance catalog can be, and how language models can be applied on the client’s side. 

The world of Kubernetes and APIs - Conversation with Viktor Farcic

Why can we treat Kubernetes as an open standard that enables computing to become a utility? In this episode, Viktor Farcic (Developer Advocate at Upbound) explains why we can say that Kubernetes is an extensible API, and highlights that an API has no tangible usefulness by itself. With Kristof Van Tomme, they also deep dive into the fundamentals of a good portal.


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