Pronovix ITrainee Program
Start your IT career with our three-month web development track: apply now and join our ITrainee program starting in Szeged, February 2020.
3-month program with two website projects ● Free training ● Learning from dedicated mentors ● Getting an insight into agile web development ● Specializing in front-end or back-end field
Allocate sufficient time for the program ● Spend time with the team in the Szeged Office ● Bring your enthusiasm, dedication and curiosity ● Learn as much as you can
Potentially a job offer for the best candidates ● Deeper understanding of how agile web development works in practice ● Leveling up your programming skills ● Program certificate

You bring your flame, we help it grow and that enriches all of us.

About Pronovix

  • Pronovix is more than just a professional software development consultancy. We strongly believe that success is best reached through cooperation and sharing. We operate internationally, with clients around the world and company members and partners based throughout Europe and the US.

  • Variety of backgrounds and disciplines: diversity of skills and perspective is something we actively look for during our hiring process.

  • We sponsor training opportunities: offer support, invest in internal research projects and provide the chance to teach and speak at conferences.

  • We operate in a flat structure: teams and leaders emerge based on project requirements or professional interests.

ITrainee Program details

The Pronovix ITrainee Program has been designed to provide a quick start in the IT world: learn how agile web development works in practice.

How is the program structured?

The Pronovix ITrainee program is three-months long and is divided into two major phases. After a shorter introductory period and training, you can take part in two internal website projects as part of a smaller project team, and meet more and more complex problems based on your actual knowledge and growth. Check our former ITrainees pages below as references.

How much time should I dedicate for the program?

The more time you dedicate to the traineeship, the more effective the program will be for you. We expect you to spend a minimum of 20 hours/week on the project tasks and your own research and tutorials. We also recommend staying in the Pronovix office in Szeged for at least 2-3 hours during the week to facilitate project work, participate at standups and better integrate with the team. As part of the curriculum, you will also have weekly workshops that might take a half or a full weekday (mostly Fridays).

Should I pay for the program?

The Pronovix ITrainee program is free of any charge. As you won’t work on paying projects, you won’t get a salary either. We all, you and us both must, however, invest our dedication, focus, and effort.

Theoretical knowledge is important, but practical skills are fundamental and way harder to obtain.
Join our ITrainee program, where you can learn by doing with the guidance of mentors.

Levente Lantos
Back-end developer at Pronovix (ITrainee program, 2019)
I transitioned from the business field to IT with the iTrainee program. I found the program a great opportunity if anyone is considering a career change. The mentor team is professional and welcoming, it was a really great experience for me!
Melinda Morvai
Back-end developer at Pronovix (ITrainee program, 2018)
The ITrainee Program is a good opportunity if you are interested in web development and would like to obtain practice-oriented knowledge. Everyone is welcome, your background doesn’t really matter. I thought it would be disadvantageous that I didn’t have too much experience in this field, but my teammates and the mentors were kind and they helped in everything.
Ákos Seress
Front-end Developer at Pronovix (ITrainee program, 2017)
I came to the program with zero IT experience, but this wasn’t a problem at all. With the help and guidance of the mentors, I was able to learn things I have never even heard of. I guess, this is one of the main benefits of the program: it helps you to realize that you are capable of doing much more than you think.
Gábor Kurucz
Front-end developer at Pronovix (ITrainee program, 2016)
We learned a lot about agile software development during the product development project. We had standups twice a week, regular feedback sessions and we had to iterate the product accordingly. It was a completely new workflow to us and it worked perfectly. The key is that the whole training was extremely practice-oriented. University provides good basic knowledge about the profession, but there is little chance to learn hardcore practical knowledge.
Kitti Radovics
Front-end developer and site builder at Pronovix (ITrainee program, 2015)
I acquired a completely new set of knowledge and skills, as I haven’t learned web programming at the University. I really was part of the company and I could take a look into the professional world that way. It was a completely new experience and it means quite a lot to me.

Apply for the upcoming program starting in Szeged, February 2020.

Reference works from our former ITrainee teams

Static HTML project (Phase 1, end of the 1st month)

ITrainaiee program, 2016/2 (static HTML site, end of 1st month)

ITrainee program, 2018 (static HTML site, end of 1st month)

ITrainee program, 2017/1 (static HTML site, end of 1st month)

Drupal project (Phase 2, end of the 3rd month)

ITrainee program, 2018 (Drupal project, end of 3rd month)

ITrainee program, 2019 (Drupal project, end of 3rd month)

ITrainee program, 2018 (Drupal project, end of 3rd month)

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