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Developer Portal Strategy Webinar (Recurring)

Join us to learn how to build your strategy for creating a great developer portal experience.

We go through the basics of what is a developer portal and how it is used to improve developer experience. We will review what we have learned from working with our customers and from our ongoing developer portal research.

What will you learn?

  • What is a developer portal?
  • What is Developer eXperience?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Internal vs External DX
  • What types of docs do you need?
  • What is a good devportal MVP?
  • What architecture patterns are there?
  • What technologies do/should you use?
  • Developer portals & strategy

Presenter: Kristof van Tomme (Pronovix, CEO, Co-Founder)

Date & Time:
3 June 3 pm-4 pm CET(9 am - 10 am EDT) including Q&A
17 June 3 pm-4 pm CET(9 am - 10 am EDT) including Q&A

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Docs-as-code workflow for your (API) developer portal

Improve your DocOps with techniques borrowed from Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) patterns and automated testing frameworks developed for managing code, adapted and applied for managing technical documentation workflows.

What will you learn?

  • The basic principles of Docs-as-Code
  • Some tools for writing and running automated tests against your documentation
  • How these workflows can help improve the quality of your documentation
  • (Live Demo!) Using VS Code, git workflows, and automated documentation quality tests with Vale, we’ll show you how these tools can be used in concert in your DocOps setup.

Mark Winberry (Pronovix, Head of US Operations)
Ádám Balogh (Pronovix, Junior Technical Writer)

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