We are serious about personal growth. We believe that by growing individually, our team and our community grows as well. This is how we also help our clients grow.

Kristof van Tomme - Pronovix

Kristof van Tomme

CEO, Co-founder
Laura Vass - Pronovix

Laura Vass

co-Founder. Financial Manager. Technical Writer, Editor.
Péter Kohán - Pronovix

Péter Kohán

CEO, co-founder
Márta Maczel - Pronovix

Márta Maczel

Operational Manager (Hungarian branch)
Henrietta Gajger - Pronovix

Henrietta Gajger

Executive Assistant
Andrea Radó - Pronovix

Andrea Radó

Executive assistant (on maternity leave)
Tamás Botyánszki - Pronovix

Tamás Botyánszki

Project manager
Miklós Vékony - Pronovix

Miklós Vékony

Technical Project Manager, Site Builder
Jan Mashat - Pronovix

Jan Mashat

Technical Project Manager
István Zoltán Szabó - Pronovix

István Zoltán Szabó

Senior Technical Writer
Katalin Nagygyörgy  - Pronovix

Katalin Nagygyörgy

UX Strategist
CSÉCSY László - Pronovix


Senior Developer, Drupal Architect
Guillaume Mestanier - Pronovix

Guillaume Mestanier

Project Assistant
Tamás Nagy - Pronovix

Tamás Nagy

Ákos Horváth - Pronovix

Ákos Horváth

Drupal Architect, Technical Project Manager
Árpád Csányi - Pronovix

Árpád Csányi

Front-End Developer
Attila Fekete - Pronovix

Attila Fekete

Drupal Developer
Kornél Lőkös - Pronovix

Kornél Lőkös

Senior Developer
Tamás Demeter-Haludka - Pronovix

Tamás Demeter-Haludka

Senior Developer
Balázs Wittmann - Pronovix

Balázs Wittmann

Senior Software Engineer
Dezső Biczó - Pronovix

Dezső Biczó

Senior Software Engineer & Lead Architect
Kitti Radovics - Pronovix

Kitti Radovics

Front-End Developer, Site Builder
László Brindza - Pronovix

László Brindza

Front-End Developer, Site Builder
Gábor János Kurucz - Pronovix

Gábor János Kurucz

Front-end developer
Katalin Fogas - Pronovix

Katalin Fogas

Event Organiser
Kathleen  De Roo - Pronovix

Kathleen De Roo

Technical Writer & Information Architect
Péter Serfőző - Pronovix

Péter Serfőző

Software Developer
Zoltán Gyulai - Pronovix

Zoltán Gyulai

Junior Marketing Engineer
Ákos Seress - Pronovix

Ákos Seress

Gyöngy Gora - Pronovix

Gyöngy Gora

Senior Designer
Tamás Hangya - Pronovix

Tamás Hangya

Bertalan Lékó - Pronovix

Bertalan Lékó

Back-end developer
Krisztina Szöllősi - Pronovix

Krisztina Szöllősi

Office Assistant
Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő - Pronovix

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő

Information Architect, Content Writer
Péter Jenei - Pronovix

Péter Jenei

Project Manager
Anett Pozsár - Pronovix

Anett Pozsár

Junior Technical Writer
Dóra Jankai - Pronovix

Dóra Jankai

Krisztina Andrási - Pronovix

Krisztina Andrási

Project Manager Assistant
Sven Strack - Pronovix