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Career opportunities

Are you passionate about personal development, innovation or open source? Be more than just a cog in the machine, and work with us to build and shape the global API Ecosystem.


Why join Pronovix?


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Remote / onsite / mixed - you decide
  • Cool office in Szeged


  • Self-organizing teams
  • Supportive community
  • Your word matters. Really.


  • Professional growth support
  • Career options you love the most
  • MacBook / PC - it’s up to you

Open positions 

Developer positions   🚀

Billing Operations Coordinator

We are currently seeking a Billing Operations Coordinator to join our team. This is not your typical administrative role - this position plays a crucial role in our customer journey by handling the billing phase of it. As such, we are looking for a candidate who possesses not only administrative skills but also excellent communication skills. To succeed in this role, you'll need a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks and prioritize your workload.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a growing company with a focus on customer satisfaction. If you are a detail-oriented individual with a passion for customer service and communication, we encourage you to apply.

Main responsibilities:

  • Oversee projects, provide billing-related information and support internally
  • Communicate with customers and internal teams regarding billing related inquiries
  • Collaborate with the Sales Team, the Legal Team, and the Project Managers to ensure the accuracy of the business context and details
  • Collaborate with customers to ensure timely and accurate billing
  • Complete the supplier registration processes 
  • Manage and maintain invoicing platforms and customer billing records
  • Keep track of the billing cycles for the recurring revenue and support the service renewal processes
  • Oversee accounts receivable, following up on outstanding payments
  • Generate invoices and process payments
  • Assist in the contract signature processes
  • Provide data for internal metrics

Required skills:

  • High attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent listening skills and ability to filter the main information
  • Ability to oversee and understand processes
  • Proactive approach and motivation to learn
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of accounting principles and billing procedures is nice to have
  • University/Bachelor graduate in any discipline or relevant experience

Why work with us:

  • You will be part of a great helping team and a company culture where people are way more than just “resources”, and where your opinion really matters
  • We have flexible working hours so you can decide when do you want to work
  • You can work remotely but we also have a cool office in Szeged that you can use if you like
  • You will have a dedicated budget for conferences and improvement, and you can always learn new things/technologies
  • You will get your own MacBook/PC (it’s up to you)
  • We work with 15+ Fortune 500 companies

Application: Send your CV (and portfolio if you have one) to

UX Designer

We are looking for a candidate to strengthen our User Experience team. The employment is full time, but part-time is also possible.


  • Work closely with UI and UX designers, solutions architects, software developers, project managers, and content managers to brainstorm about solutions and plan projects in accordance with the assigned client’s strategic needs
  • Work with international clients to help them define their personas and build up the information architecture of a new portal
  • Work on the design, development, and review of our flagship product
  • Aside working on clients’ projects and our product, work on internal design and research tasks
  • Work with a sense of urgency, care about the details and understand the importance of deadlines and communication
  • Be adaptable and have the ability to prioritize workloads
  • Assist in the production of wireframes, prototypes and user flows using key tools such as Figma
  • Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders
  • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems
  • Gather and evaluate user requirements


  • An accomplished UX course that provides UX certificate, or at least 1+ year experience as UX designer or researcher
  • Fluent communication skills in English
  • Passion for creating useful, usable, engaging user experiences
  • Passion for gathering user feedback via user research
  • Ability to collaborate with others, and work independently
  • Able to work concurrently on multiple projects
  • Have a natural curiosity and empathy for people

Nice to have:

  • A Master in (Cognitive) Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology or a related technical field
  • Portfolio: Examples of your work

Why work with us:

  • You will be part of a great helping team and a company culture where people are way more than just “resources”, and where your opinion really matters
  • You will have flexible working hours so you can decide when do you want to work
  • You can work remotely but we also have a cool office in Szeged that you can use if you like
  • You will have a dedicated budget for conferences and improvement, and you can always learn new things/technologies
  • You will get your own MacBook/PC (it’s up to you) … and more.

Application: Send your CV (and portfolio if you have one) to

If you are interested in any position, check the detailed description and send your application in English to In case of questions, first read the FAQ below, as you might already find some answers.

Do you want to build an IT career but still need help to get started? Join our free ITrainee Program!



At Pronovix we try to make the best possible workplace. We let people be people instead of a cog in a machine. Practically that means that you’ll have flexible hours, will be able to work from home, and be asked to participate in discussions about the decisions that affect your work life (after an initial onboarding period). Our motto is “Grow and help grow”: members of our tribe can evolve or completely change their role. Dreaming of starting your own business? Even that is possible in our company.

As a flat company we hire people for who they are, not just the role they will play in the company. We have employees that come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Diversity of perspective is something we actively look for during our hiring process. When it comes to people, our goal is to ensure that each team member can progress further and faster in their careers while working with us. We sponsor education, support and provide opportunities to teach and speak at conferences, and invest in internal research projects.


What we do

Pronovix is a fast growing specialist consultancy with offices in Belgium and Hungary that services customers from all over world. As the world’s leading specialist in developer portals we work with some of the most well known global brands. Our customers include household names of international companies in the banking, telecom, food, software, media, and hospitality industries. For these companies we design and build websites that explain how developers can use their APIs.

APIs—a programmatic interface that lets software interact without human intervention— are at the heart of the recent speedup and efficiency gains in industry. APIs are the invisible technology layer that enables mobile applications, supply chain automation, and the massive spurt of innovation in the startup world. APIs are what make it possible for a developer in a garage to create a business that can compete globally from day one.

But developer portals and APIs are just the start of our story, we have really big plans! Our underlying goal is to make the world a more meaningful place for hundreds if not thousands of people, one employee at a time, across a range of different specialty consulting niches.


Our motto, mission, and core values make up the Pronovix Code of Conduct, an expression of our shared ideas and values. It encompasses our views and behaviour as members of Pronovix, and outlines our expectations for all future members of our team. If you'd like to learn more about our values, please read our Code of Conduct.




Is my English good enough?

Many applicants are afraid that their English might not be good enough to work for us. But often this is a fear without solid ground: if you can understand and be understood, and have a discussion of some complexity, it's not a problem if you make mistakes. The most important is that you can communicate. Once that is OK, you will see that you can grow your knowledge really quickly.

Is Drupal a good career choice?

Choosing Drupal was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company. Since then a large ecosystem has grown up around Drupal with lots of high profile projects in the world’s largest organizations. But Drupal is more than an enterprise technology, it’s also a really strong community that has helpful members all over the world, that care about the world and that want to help make it a better place, be it through disaster relief, sharing of digital innovation or digital activism. Drupal is a really good doorway into the open source community that is shaping the world.

What if I don't know anything about Drupal?

While it is of course better if you already have some knowledge, about half of the people at Pronovix were new to Drupal when they joined us. If you want to become a module developer, you might want to spend some time over the weekends on a community project (we can help you choose a good one) to build your profile and to get familiar with the Drupal APIs. But if you are a project manager or a themer, you will be able to get up to speed fast.

What if I’m a rookie?

No worries, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and if you are willing to learn, we are happy to help you. We have a track record of turning young graduates into world class open source developers.

What if I don’t live in Szeged?

Most of our team members work from our Szeged office, but we’re also fine with occasional or fully remote work. We have team members working remotely from other countries or cities, so our workflow is optimized for a distributed team.

Is PHP a good career choice?

PHP is not the prettiest of languages, but because of the sheer size of its developer community and the massive number of open source tools built in or for PHP, it has become a very productive platform for building web applications. We have a very pragmatic relationship with PHP, we use it for those things it is best in: community, open source extensions; and complement it with other languages where it has its shortcomings. Developing in PHP (at least the way we do it) requires you to interact with the open source community, and this is a really important skill you will need in the future no matter what language you write code in.

Isn't it better to join a large multinational?

Large multinationals have fixed ways and fixed views that are really hard to change. If all you want is a job and a linear career and you don’t mind being one of many, you might be better off in a big multinational firm. If however you would like to be a unique person that can make a meaningful contribution, and if you want to work in an organization where people care about you and the impact you are making on the world, you might find us a more interesting place to work.


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