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Jun 10, 2021


In this episode Mark and Kristof did a retrospective discussion on the past episodes and Mark said farewell to the listeners as he will no longer co-host the podcast.

API resilience started in 2020 June to explore how companies can become more resilient and create business value by investing in their API programs, even in such unprecedented times as the pandemia. In the past 24 episodes API team leads and experts shared their growth stories and views on how APIs will shape the future – both in their organizations and on a more theoretical, “API philosophical” level.

Tune in and listen to Mark’s and Kristof’s digest on some of the most exciting takeaways from the one year history of API Resilience podcast.


“People are not looking for APIs but capabilities” - Mehdi Medajoui (API Days, in Episode 9 and Episode 10 “Business developers are developers too” - Katrien Van Gijsel (KBC Bank & Verzekering) in Episode 14 “Communities are everywhere, and now can be everywhere, more so than ever” - Lorna Jane Mitchell on the evolving role of developer advocacy in Episode 06 “The affordance exists between the object and the person. The affordance is not intrinsic in the object” - Mike Amundsen in Episode 13


The hosts are Kristof Van Tomme and Mark Winberry.

Also available on Anchor, Google, and Apple.


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