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by Kristof van Tomme 7 years 7 months ago

Artificial intelligence needs minimalism - a new application for DITA?

Kristof Van Tomme presented an evolved version of his "AI the docs!” talk at CIDM's European DITA conference in Munich, 2016 November 14-15. This time with the subtitle “Conversational UI, Embedded Help and Artificial Help. A fertile ground for minimalism and DITA".
Categories: Business Insights
by Kristof van Tomme 7 years 10 months ago

Software Support and Artificial Intelligence - Part 4: Repeating Clippy’s mistakes with Walkthroughs

Technical writer teams are asked the impossible: chronically understaffed, fulfill growing expectations, while dealing with the disruptions of a barrage of technological innovations. Technology however doesn’t need to be a curse, it could be a blessing: new technologies could also be used to help technical writers. In this series I want explore how artificial intelligence and new/rediscovered interaction models for software documentation could redefine technical writing and its deliverables. Part 4: Repeating Clippy’s mistakes with Walkthroughs Learning from Clippy’s mistakes. How can we define proactive support? How can we avoid repeating Clippy’s mistakes?


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