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by Szabina Oláh 1 week 4 days ago

Expectation management for API products - setting yourself up for (developer) success

Providing a delightful developer experience is about more than just satisfying technical requirements: there are psychological factors at play that influence expectations towards API products. In this article, we explore the importance of expectation management for developer success.
by Klaudia Jancsovics 3 weeks 6 days ago

Enabling business and technical user journeys: case study on a developer portal in the energy industry

One of Pronovix’ partners is from the energy industry. The aim was to create a status report of the developer portal’s state at that time. Based on that, and after mapping out the needs and how Pronovix best can serve the Company's goals with the Zero Gravity Developer Portal solutions, a closer collaboration has been started.   
by Klaudia Jancsovics 2 months 1 week ago

Onboarding as a Key Aspect of Business Success

Developer Success as an objective can be seen as the combination of successfully serving the needs of the different participants in the API economy: application user experience, developer experience, and value exchange. From among these three, here we focus on the onboarding needs- and behavior of the developer who builds the application.
by Szabina Oláh 2 months 2 weeks ago

Decoding Developer Success

A shortened transcript from the panel discussion at the API The Docs conference in Amsterdam. At the event, John Daffern (BT Group), Jack Bambury (Shell), Koen Adolfs (ABN AMRO), and Suzanne Daniels (Port) answered Carla Teixeira's (Miro) and the audience's questions.
by Christoph Weber 3 months ago

Consolidate & Govern part 2: Republishing Docs-as-Code Content with a Developer Hub CMS

A developer documentation hub CMS can underpin a unified content strategy that ensures consistent branding and styling, provides access control, can capture intent signals for marketing, and more, while individual teams can keep using their working docs-as-code tooling. In this article we discuss how docs-as-code content is mapped and migrated into the CMS, and what benefits a DevRel team can expect.
by Szabina Oláh 3 months 2 weeks ago

A Product Owner, a DevRel Manager, and an API Platform Architect walks into... a conversation about Developer Success

A summary of the panel discussion at the APIDays New York conference. Ashni Mehta (MongoDB), Joshua Markham (Verizon), and Michael Hibay (WSFS Bank) shared their thoughts on the concept of developer success and exchanged ideas about the future of APIs with Kristof Van Tomme.

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Best Developer Portals 2022

Best Developer Portals 2022

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