Meet us in Paris, where we help organize a full-day API docs track on developer experience and internal developer portals at APIdays Paris 2018. Paris 2018

APIdays Paris Main Event will be talking about all recent technologies and business models associated to APIs. 100+ speakers will be invited to speaker about the "New API Stack" and how to build a "Programmable Society". Day 1 will focus on the technoloigical aspect of APIs, with talks and keynotes about REST, GraphQL, gRPC, Serverless, OpenAPISpec/Swagger, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Kong, Kubernetes, OAuth, OpenId Connect, JWT etc. There will be 5 tracks, with The New Developer Experience stack : API Documentation, Developer portals being one of them!

Full-day Docs & DX track

API The Docs is an event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience. The track is a great opportunity to share and discuss the latest best practices, strategies and new trends relevant to API documentation and internal developer portals!


11:00 > 11:25 Kristof Van Tomme: Welcome 11:25 > 11:50 Arnaud Lauret: The Design of Everyday APIs
11:50 > 12:15 Anabella Spinelli: Learning the OAuth Dance (Without Stepping on Anyone’s Toes)
12:15 > 12:40 Karen Sawrey: Disagree with “I Agree”. Enforcing Better GDPR Compliance Through the Language of API Documentation
12:40 > 14:00 Break
14:00 > 14:25 Adam Kalsey: An API Is Not Enough: Crafting a Developer Experience
14:25 > 14:50 Kathleen De Roo: Architecting Developer eXperience: Banking and FinTech Developer Portals Case Studies
14:50 > 15:15 Darrel Miller: Putting the Kit back in SDKs
15:15 > 15:40 Sylvain Mauduit: Beyond API Documentation: Designing a Hub for a Better Developer Experience
15:40 > 16:15 Break
16:15 > 16:40 Gregory Koberger: Treat Your Internal API Like a Public API
16:40 > 17:05 Jessica Ulyate: Platform: How to Product?
17:05 > 17:30 Avital Tzubeli: Client Library Automation, Inside Out
17:30 > 17:55 István Zoltán Szabó: Reference Docs are Not Enough… Even for Internal Developer Portals
17:55 > 18:00 Closing

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