In January we held the 2012 Drupal Process CXO meetup in Microsoft's new Amsterdam office (event photos). The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, several people said it was for them one of the most useful Drupal events in recent past. The meetup provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning about the business processes used in large European Drupal shops, the tools and services they use, sharing best practices, and discovering how Drupal companies can grow from an entrepreneur centered culture to a process driven one. The Drupal community is still characterized by a large number of fast growing businesses. All of these companies are experimenting with different processes to solve similar problems. So there was a lot to learn from each other, and based on the participants' feedback that's exactly what happened. A special thank you goes out to Michaela Kraft and Jan Depping from Microsoft who made the Drupal process meetup possible, Microsoft for hosting and sponsoring the meetup, NodeOne for sponsoring the dinner on Saturday and to Acquia for contributing to the dinner on Friday night.

Reviews of the meetup

There's a few event summaries by some of the other attendees at:

A few of the resources that were shared on Twitter during the event are (#drupalproducts):

The European CXO event series

The 2012 Process Meetup was the 2nd event in the stand-alone CXO series we've organized with a focus on business development and quality assurance processes. The first meetup took place in Brussels (2010) also a great success, sold out in 3 days with 60+ attendees coming from all over Europe. The 3rd meetup in the CXO series was the Products Meetup in Rome (24-26 February, 2012) which concentrated on Drupal products and their business models. There's another post that is going live together with this one, specifically about the Drupal products meetup Lessons learnt from the Drupal Products Meetup. I really like how the events have become a place where business owners can share experiences and how the events have created a European network of Drupal executives that is more than a Linkedin group. I'm sure we'll see more border crossing collaborations as a result. We are planning 2 more meetups, one for the winter of 2012 and one in early 2013. Topics we are considering for the future meetups are: Agile Drupal and Drupal sales. If you have feedback or ideas about how we could make the events even better get in touch.

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Kristof is a Drupal strategist and architect with a degree in bioengineering. He started his career as a technology manager. At Pronovix, the company he co-founded, he’s been focussing on Drupal since 4.7. Recently his interest in DITA and reusable, single source documentation have culminated in the project, an open source project that aims to become the GitHub of website documentation.

He initiated and later became the co-organizer of an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged (Hungary). As a permanent member of the Drupal Association, he was at some point the lead for the selection task force for European Drupalcons and of the inaugural Nomination Committee. Among others, he was the initiator and (co-)lead of Drupalcon Szeged (2008), DrupalCXO Brussels (2010), Drupal Developer Days Brussels (2011) and Drupal Government Days (2011). Currently he is involved in the organization of the Write the docs unconference in Berlin (2014 July).