How do I know what to work on to improve my developer portal? What are the different aspects I should be thinking about? What should be my priorities? How can I increase value, from the first MVP all through to a mature established developer portal? How do I do all this, even when I don’t yet have a clear path to value for my company’s API program? 

We have been thinking a lot about these questions, and about a model that would help us to answer them. At this point in time, we have identified 3 independent dimensions that API teams can work on to improve the business value of their developer portal. To some extent developer portals can evolve from MVP to maturity along one of these dimensions while still lagging behind on the other two. For maximum business value, however, you will need to work on all three: your operational maturity, your Developer eXperience, and your business alignment.

Three Dimensions of Developer Portal Maturity

Operational maturity: does your developer portal work in synergy with all your authoring personas? Are there some (or everyone) who need to push through significant friction to be able to contribute to your developer portal?

Developer experience: how well does your developer portal serve your API consumers? Have you removed as much friction as possible from the integration journey? Have you incorporated trust signals to help them make their interface investment decisions?

Business alignment: Is your developer portal an IT solution that helps you to execute on your API program, or have you worked on an interface strategy that complements your business, and that will help your company to adjust to and thrive in a complex and always changing market?

We will explore each of these dimensions of developer portal maturity in depth in dedicated articles. We are publishing the first together with this introduction post and will update this post when the others are finished (stay posted to our newsletter to get an update when we do):

  • Operational maturity: Devportal CMS? Docs as code? Reject to choose 
  • Developer experience: API friction and trust signals on your developer portal
  • Business alignment: Strategic developer portals to maximize API value

Devportal Maturity Model

Developer Portal Maturity Model Do you agree with this? Where are you in this process? Schedule a call to discuss where you are and how we can help you get to where you want to be.

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