Meet Kristof & Laura in Brighton (UK), where they attend Meaning, a conference for people who believe in better business.

Meaning’s core themes

  • Post-growth economics What happens when capitalism is no longer working?
  • The future of work How do we create meaning in a world where conventional work may no longer exist? And which organisational structures will best serve us?
  • Beyond sustainability What kind of systemic change is needed to support people and planet?
  • Disruptive innovation Who are the people making meaningful change happen? And what can we learn from them?
  • Personal growth How do we need to develop as individuals to thrive in these volatile times? And what are the tools we need in order to have a meaningful impact with our work?
  • 21st century leadership What kind of leaders do we need – and what is leadership today anyway?

For further information and schedule, visit the event page.

About the author

Kristof van Tomme

CEO, Co-founder

Kristof Van Tomme is an open source strategist and architect. He is the CEO and co-founder of Pronovix. He’s got a degree in bioengineering and is a regular speaker at conferences in the API, DevRel, and technical writing communities. For a few years now he’s been building bridges between the documentation and Drupal community. He is co-organiser of the London Write the Docs meetup, and cheerleader for the Amsterdam and Brussels Write the Docs meetup groups. This year he is working on a number of new initiatives to help API product owners learn from their peers (API the Docs and the API product owner masterminds).