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Senior Developer
Nov 24, 2008

Many of your organization's members/employees will have profiles on several different application sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). Often the networks of these applications could be an important resource for your organization. Sometimes some of your members/employees are already sharing information they post on these sites with their closest colleagues. We developed a module for Drupal that makes it easy for your members/employees to share the location of their different profiles. In this small video I show you how the module works and how it helps to connect Drupal profiles to other (especially social-networking) site profiles. This is a demo movie, it's meant to show end-users some of the functionality that is available in Drupal. If you want a tutorial tell us in a comment.

Kornel is a dedicated software engineer. In the Pronovix he spends his time architecting and developing Drupal-related services. He is a proud member of the International and Hungarian Drupal community, having contributed several modules and core patches. Kornel is enthusiastic about the web, programming and open source technologies, his thirst for knowledge doesn't stop at the computer: in his offline life he is interested in fitness, nutrition and neuroscience.


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