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Pronovix team building: contributing to a child’s smile

Billing Operations Specialist
Dec 05, 2014

Christmas and the end of the year are coming. With a long and colorful year behind us, we thought it would be time to have some fun outside of work and spend a whole day together. This will be a precious time for us, but to make it even more valuable, we decided to participate in the Hungarian version of Operation Christmas Child (also known as shoebox gifts campaign).

#### What is Operation Christmas Child?
The story began in 1990, when Dave and Jill Cooke — after watching a broadcast about orphanages — decided to help children by sending them gifts in shoeboxes. With this simple idea, they opened a new way for people to bring happiness and warmth to children’s hearts, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find a gift under the Christmas tree. Since then, 61 million shoe boxes have been delivered to kids in over 135 countries.

#### Why and how will our team contribute?
At Pronovix our motto is **“grow and help grow”**. We strongly believe that collaboration, sharing and contribution are the best ways to make the world a better place. We believe in this in every aspect of our lives, not only in our work.

We think Operation Christmas Child is a perfect opportunity for contribution. Though we know we can’t change someone’s life with a single gift, we can still make a child smile.

#### How can you contribute?
If you are interested, please visit the website of [Samaritan’s Purse]( (the official project leads of Operation Christmas Child), where you can [choose and donate online packages]( for children.
If you have your own gifts to send, just check the campaign in your country to find a shoe box collection place near you.

If you would like to contribute by spreading the word, please share this blog post on your social channels. Thank you!


Andrea is a part-time Billing Operations Specialist at Pronovix. She handles the customer journey from the last steps from client contracting through vendor registration until client invoicing. She works closely with the Operations Team as well and assists with accounts payable and receivable for the company. She tracks and collects payments consistently, provides support to the customers, and resolves billing issues as they arise. She is also responsible for managing invoices and other financial documents to have everything prepared for the accountancy. 


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